Sunday, June 24, 2012

Handgun Skills Training

Sig Sauer P 220

I have just had a good chuckle reviewing some "instructional videos" on You Tube about firearms instruction.  Let me just say there is a lot of bad information on the Internet.  Yeah, I know this comes as a great shock to you.....Not.

I have secured an opportunity for OMC members and their family members to have access to an excellent four hour class on basic handgun skills.  The instructor is a retired member of a local police department who I have the utmost respect for and who teaches nuts and bolts, real life skills.  The cost would only be $80 per person and each person would need to bring 400 rounds of ammunition along with their own handgun.  The class would be limited to 10 shooters.

We have a meeting coming up on July 5th and we can discuss this further but I wanted to give you a "heads up" on the opportunity.  This is not a CCW class but a bona fide class on a pistol range to teach basic handgun skills.

Very cool.

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