Friday, March 26, 2021

Three Piece OGRES MC Patch Ruminations


When the original and current OGRES Motorcycle Patch was designed it was made purposely into a one piece patch to differentiate the OMC from "outlaw" motorcycle gangs/clubs. It was a worthy endeavor and  the purpose still "holds water" for many reasons.

However, Grim has been ruminating for quite some time about considering a three piece patch. I have found the above logo which could be used for the center patch. The tiger would be artistically "morphed" into an OGRE while maintaining all the other details. The crown would be perfect to maintain the "Old Guys Rule" theme. Then you would add a top "OGRES" rocker and a lower "BOISE" rocker.

Just something to think about that isn't life or death (or house construction).

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