Thursday, May 31, 2012

OMC Spring Run 2012

I hope this is not a shock to anyone as the OMC Spring Run begins tomorrow, Friday, June 1st at 0800 hrs. (8 a.m.).

The safety briefing will be at 7:50 a.m.  We will leave the Chevron, at I-84 and Gowen, promptly at 8 a.m.  If you are late and have to catch up, our first stop will be at the rest stop at the Highway 20/Highway 75 junction between Fairfield and Picabo.

More details on the ride will be covered at the aforementioned safety briefing.  We should have 8 or 9 riders.

According to the Weather Channel, the temperature in Challis tomorrow is 81 degrees with isolated thunderstorms.  On Saturday 80 degree weather is forecasted in Challis with scattered thunderstorms.  Yeah, business as usual concerning the weather in Challis.

Dinner is provided at the Hot Springs for an additional fee.  Bring some cash for Gretchen.  And for poker.

See you in the morning.  More at under Events.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

OMC May 10 Meeting Report

OMC members met at the Clubhouse and rode to Notus for a meeting at the Garage Cafe.  We met Rip at the Cafe.   Present: Rip City, Krome Pickle, Grim, Smooth, Bomber, Big Easy, G-Man and Prospect Alex.  Absent:  Duke and Zeus.

Huge portions of food were brought out and mostly eaten.  If you haven't had a blueberry pancake there, then you are really missing out.

We mostly listened to stories by Big Easy and made fun of G-Man even though he wasn't listening most of the time.  And we recalled Rip City's wardrobe choices and defined what being a "Fred" entails.  I will be writing a blog post soon about "Freds".

All eight rooms are full for the OMC Challis spring run.  One more bed might become available if the right person is invited.  Gretchen will provide the Friday evening meal at Challis.  Bring money for cards.

I had a great time and I hope y'all did also.  The only thing I could have passed on was the smell of burning rice when Rip City passed us before we turned off 20/26 on the way back.  I am more of a "potato potato" guy.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

OMC May 3rd Meeting Postponed Until May 10th

The weather sucks today and I don't want to drive a cage to the meeting.  Call me narcissistic.  The Duke, Krome Pickle and Zeus are also not able to make the meeting tonight.

Hence, tonight's meeting has been postponed one week until Thursday May 10th.  Otherwise the plan remains the same as previously outlined two posts down in the President's Blog.

Call me on my cell phone if you have any questions.  I hope this doesn't screw anybody up.  Guests are not invitied.  Prospects are welcome if invited by a member in good standing.