Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Iron Butt 2010

Last July 19th, I hosted the third annual Iron Butt Ride. The goal is to travel 1000 miles in 24 hours. I put out the invitation to about 10 guys I have ridden with before. I told them to invite whoever they wanted but the ride was limited to 1000 riders. Two of them showed up but they brought 8 friends with them. It was a new experience riding with people you don't know. That added up to 10 total riders, 4 more than my previous largest Iron Butt group. Two riders were women which was also a new aspect.

The route was Boise - Twin Falls - Pocatello - Idaho Falls - Dubois - Butte - Missoula - Kellogg - Coeur d'Alene - Spokane - Ritzville - Pasco -Pendleton. 

We left about 6:30 in the morning and headed east. Of course I had to lead the echelon. It is a lot of pressure...maintaining a group speed, spacing gas and bio stops, taking the right route, choosing where to eat, etc. Good thing I love pressure. One of my friends led for about 10 miles, missed a turn and gave it back to me.

I also found immediately one of my wires had come loose from the clip under the rear fender. It had rubbed on the rear tire til it split and I had no rear right turn signal. A bit of a problem if you are leading. I resorted to giving hand signals to the second rider and she started the string of signaling. 

It was a very interesting ride. It is all freeway but quite nice after you get past Dubois. My Harley friends have nicknamed me "the Apache" because I can sit up front all day and must remember to stop and give them a rest. Usually there are things about group riding that really bug me but this trip I enjoyed all the nuances and assorted personalities. Which left me nothing to whine about which was kind of a bummer...

We stopped in Connell, Washington for gasoline at the Exxon Station. It was the only service station in town and also the hotspot for all the cholos in town. About a dozen of the preening gang wannabes were clustered around the front door. I had to go inside and walked through the middle of them. They tried very hard to look "bad" but my direct stare parted the way along with the reassuring weight of my .45 on my hip. I couldn't help smiling as I knew they sensed a "sheepdog". Two cops came and broke them up...running them off the property. They also were checking me out as my holster hangs a little below my vest. They chose to leave me alone.

We took two hours longer to complete the grand. But I was not as tired as the last two hours were night riding and I am exhilarated by night riding. A little danger ignites my love for risk and pushing the envelope.

Pure Zen.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All...

...And to all a good ride.  My Lil Joes Leather vest did not make it but should be here Monday.  Review to follow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Since September 2010

My 2010 Fat Boy Lo

Grim is going in for some minor surgery with upgrades.  Some Feuling 525 Reaper chain drive camshafts plus some other Carl Davis Magic at Boise Cycle.  Can't wait.  Major torque and such.

Stock 2010 Fat Boy Lo

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motley Crew

Pickle's Place in Arco, Idaho

You have to be 45 years of age, or older to be a member of the club.  I believe all the above qualify.  This ride was a gas and I hope for many more.  More to follow.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Guinea Pig

I thought maybe we could save some money by ordering as a club (three or four vests).  It turns out by doing that the order turns into a "special order".  If some one needs to make a size exchange, then there is a restocking fee for a special order.  I think it's important to maintain the ability to exchange.

I am going to call Lil Joes and talk to Mike in person.  We have been having an e-mail conversation wherein I have divulged all my body measurements that were relevant to fitting a vest.  I am going to follow up with a phone call tomorrow and nail down prices and such.  I have a feeling the vests he is selling on eBay are seconds or special orders not picked up or exchanged.

I am going to buy a 2XL and we can all look at it, try it on, and generally fondle the fine leather.  No red liners...!  Yuck...

I will be the guinea pig for the Club because that's the kind of guy I am.  Yeah, I said pig.

(To be a member, you can buy any leather vest you want for your Club patches.  Or use a current one that is blank.  I am only looking into the Lil Joes vests because they are the best and have the breast pockets that look the best with the Club patches.)

Yeah, I know...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lil Joes Legendary Leather Vests on eBay

I just found this vest on eBay.  It looks like it is the same vest from the same company, Lil Joes Legendary Leather, linked in my earlier posting.  The bidding starts at $175.00 on eBay rather than $299.00 on Lil Joe's website.  This auction is for a XXXL but the listing says to email for other sizes.

I wear a XXL in a Harley vest and everything I have read says to buy a Lil Joes vest one size bigger than your t-shirt size.  My t-shirt size is an XXL but I like 'em baggy.  The front patches, being shipped, look alot nicer on a vest with front pockets like this one.  These vests are top of the line.  I am investigating and will update.

Long Time Runnin'

The cats in the above picture are responsible for my Harley addiction.  I blame them all.  Especially the one in all black on the right.  Fortunately he is one of by best friends.    The cat in the hat I also initially met because of Harleys and riding.  We have become great friends.   The "young" friend in the grey shirt no longer rides a Harley, or any facsimile thereof and has been lost.  Don't let this happen to you...!

The remaining three of us are the charter members of the club.  We have rode Harleys together for a long time and feel this "club ride" will be a gas.  Let's ride.

Yeah, I know.

Final Cut

Final Cut

This is what you will see on the back of the cuts of the members of the OMC.  I am getting my cut from:

More information on the symbolic nature and details of the patch will be available on the website coming soon to the world wide web.

The charter and by-laws will also be on the website.  Simple stuff.

Oh yeah, we are going to have fun with it.  Invitations will be extended and inquiries welcome at


Rendition Submitted

The idea to start a motorcycle club has been germinating in my mind for about two years.  Although I have been riding my Harley for about 9 years, the last two years have found me off the bike due to work and family constraints.   I have missed the companionship of like minded "tar heads".

Third Rendition

I began drawing possible back patch designs while in different training classes at work.  The training is mostly boring and repetitious.  Once my mind worked out the theme and such, I went through about five transmogrifications before coming up with the final patch.   I did not want the three piece outlaw type of back patch but one that pulled all the information and rockers into one piece.

Second Rendition

I partnered with a close friend and partner in this crime to have the patches created.    He and one other long time friend and rider comprise the three Charter members.   We drew straws and I pulled the shortest one electing me to be the president of the club.

This blog will be my ramblings, some history, philosophy and other nonsense.  A club website for news, pictures gallery, ride calendar and such will follow soon.

First Rendition

This erstwhile club is mostly to get a bunch of people together every month for "church" and to motivate/promulgate rides and networks for many sundry activities.

Oh, there will be an Iron Butt ride every summer solstice for sure.

Most of all, I want to spend more time on my Fat Boy Lo, with a bunch of fun folks, instead of spending so much time at work.

Yeah, I want to have fun with it.  Lotsa fun.  Almost feeling guilty because it is so much fun.  Because if I am Serious and you are Roebuck, who is minding the store...?