Friday, May 31, 2019

One Week Until OGRES MC 2019 Spring Run (Challis)

Main Street in Challis, Idaho

The annual OGRES MC 2019 Spring Run is one week away.  The ride begins at 9 a.m. on Friday June 7th at the Chevron Station at Gowen and I-84.  Pre-ride safety briefing is a 7:40 a.m.

More information can be found about the Run by clicking on this link:

Gundy is the Ride Captain for this Run.  Any logistics changes or issues should be communicated with Gundy as Grim will be in New Hampshire working his tail off.

G-Man will be responsible for writing the after action report and providing timely photos.  Any other members with photos, please send them promptly to Grim.

Any further guests, other than those that have been approved, shall need to be approved through the President.

Keep the rubber side down.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Belated May 2019 OGRES MC Meeting Report

Bomber's International Rat Rod

The OGRES MC May 2019 meeting convened at the Clubhouse at the appointed date and time.  Present:  G-Man, Krome, Smooth, Grim, Rip City, Bomber and Gundy.  Absent:  Duke and Slick.

We checked out Bomber's "new" Rat Rod and the new upgrades on Krome's Road Glide.  

We had a short meeting in the Clubhouse before dinner.  The Spring Run was discussed and Gundy was appointed Ride Captain for the Spring Run as Grim will be in New Hampshire working.  Members were reminded that the ride was on June 7th and 8th...a Friday and Saturday.  The merits of keeping it on a Friday or Saturday or moving it to Thursday and Friday next year were discussed.  Future discussion will be held at a later date.

We discussed motorcycle training and the efficacy of attending an advanced course.  All members thought it would be great if we all attended an advanced class as a Club.  G-Man was assigned to following up on possibilities, as this definitely falls within the job description of the Vice President, and report back to the members.

Also discussed, again, was the desire to have a advance handgun class for the members to attend as a Club.  Grim was assigned to follow up on this training as he has the contacts.  

In the President's opinion, Club activities such as the aforementioned ones. require attendance of 2/3s of the members in attendance.  That means at least 6 members need to commit to make it a "Club Activity".  Otherwise, members can sign up and attend the trainings on their own time and desires.  Or with fewer members.  

Grim was left with the impression that the fun was in doing the trainings as a Club.  Maybe he missed the boat.

Since only half of the members were on motorcycles, we walked over to the Sockeye Grill for a nice meal.  The company was great and Rip City managed to stay awake all the way through his Mac n' Cheese.

A good time was had by all members in attendance especially when trash-talking the missing members.

That is all...