Monday, February 27, 2017

OMC Mandatory March Meeting Thursday March 2, 2017 at 6 p.m.

The OMC March Meeting will be on Thursday March 2nd, 2017 at 6 p.m.  We will meet at the Clubhouse on Fairview.  This meeting is mandatory for all OMC members in good standing.

Food and drink will be provided.  A short primer on "leading" an OMC run will be covered along with other topics of importance.

Let the Prez know if you are not able to attend this mandatory meeting...otherwise...see you there.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

OMC February "Valentines Day" Social with Spouses Report (Uncensored)

It was a glorious winter's evening that the most intrepid OGREs and their spouses met for the OMC "Valentines Day" February Social.  Members present: Grim, G-Man, Smooth and Bomber (with their lovely spouses).  Members absent:  Duke, Rip City and Krome (and their spouses).

Bomber and his bride showed up at Sockeye Grill initially and tried to find our reservation with the hostess.  None of the obvious choices were working.  Finally, it was discovered the reservation was under "Mr. Sherman".  Yeah, I know.  The Vice President made the reservation so anything can happen.  And, even though he was two doors away, he showed up last.  I know.  We derived a lot of pleasure by telling stories and making fun of G-Man before he finally arrived.

We did have a really nice table right next to the fireplace and we eventually got down to business ordering food.  Bomber and Mrs. Grim basically dominated the conversation at the east end of the table with Grim and Mrs. Bomber barely able to get a word in edgewise.  I hope someday Mrs. Bomber will be able to get over her wallflower shyness.

We spent the prerequisite and mandated appropriate amount of time trash talking and deriding the OMC members who were absent.  New secondary nicknames were chosen for all three absentees.

At one point, Mrs. Bomber alerted Grim that it appeared that Mrs. G-Man was trying to lick him.  As Grim turned to return the favor, he adroitly knocked over her glass of soda.  With catlike reflexes, Mrs. G-Man. averted the waterfall with only a small "hit" on her left leg.  This incident turned out to be fortuitous.  More on that in a bit.

A lively discussion was held about the pros and cons of G-Man finally getting a new motorcycle or Mrs. G-Man getting a kitchen remodel.  I believe G-Man will continue to ride his "blurple" Road King as Mr.s G-Man seemed pretty immovable on the subject.

Next time Grim thinks we should play musical chairs halfway through dinner so that the conversation does not naturally stay divided into two and all can visit with more members and their spouses.  However, it was extremely fun and the laughter was only surpassed by the small child who shrieked right behind us at one point.  

Everyone passed on dessert which was not a surprise as Rip City is the one who usually starts the dessert run and he was in Phoenix sunbathing.

We finally decided we better depart before the restaurant threw us out for being so boisterous and for homesteading our table.  As we got up to leave, Mrs. G-Man and Grim mutually chided each other about the mess the other had made on the floor with the soda pop.  Mrs. G-Man looked down and saw a credit card that had unknowingly escaped from Grim's wallet.  Had the "soda glass" incident not occurred, Grim's credit card would have been lost.  God watches over fools and orphans (Grim).  And it gave Grim a story to tell.

As we stood by the table before leaving, Grim had a great conversation with the ladies about hair color preferences and styles. Grim doesn't know what the guys talked about.

It was a very nice time and made Grim wonder about more spouses socials.  Maybe a discussion at the next meeting is in the offing.