Sunday, September 30, 2012

OMC September 14th Meeting Report

(left to right front row) Alex, Big Easy, Bomber, Grim, Duke, Rip City, Smooth and G-Man
(left to right back row) Kay, Brenda, Jeannelle, Pam, Stephanie, Pat and Sherry
(not shown) Claudia the photographer - Thanks!

The meeting was held at Pat and Smooth's palatial estate out in the boonies.  It was a perfect night and the setting could not have been nicer.  We got to check out Smooth's railroad and several members rode the "zip line".  We were all shocked when G-Man was the last to arrive.  He did, however, manage to lock his keys in his cage.

Grim and Duke received "points" for wearing their cuts.  Big Easy and Kay were the baddest as they arrived via Electra Glide instead of a cage.

Thanks to Pat and Smooth for sharing the great good and their fantastic home for the OGRES annual barbecue.

Kudos to whoever can decipher Grim's "gang" sign.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

OMC 2012 Fall Run Report

Big Easy, Rip City, Bomber, Smooth and Kay

Duke and Grim

Big Easy, Ken, Rip City, Smooth, Bomber and Kay

Grim, Rip City, Smooth and Duke

Duke, Grim, Bomber, Rip City, Ken (guest), Smooth, G-Man and Big Easy

Present: Duke, G-Man, Rip City, Grim, Big Easy, Bomber, Smooth, Kay (guest) and Ken (guest).  Absent: Zeus and Krome Pickle.

Krome Pickle came up with an new reason to miss a ride.  Breaking a femur while walking the dog while riding a bicycle.  Okay, not funny.  Well sort of in a sick way.  Sorry Krome.  Get better fast!!!

We left the Chevron at Eagle and I-94 at 8:07 a.m.  As we were rolling out, G-Man was just showing up.   Actually he would have been early if we had been leaving the next day.  As punishment, G-Man was assigned to lead for the day.  Yeah, I know.  Who was punishing who !?!?

Bomber had taken his daughter to Utah the previous day and caught up with us around Payette (I think).  I am not sure exactly where he hooked up with us but he made great time.  Bomber is the only member to have made every OMC ride, run and meeting.  That's commitment, bro.

We stopped in Haines Oregon for our midday repast (shown above).  The lunch, in my opinion, wasn't as good as the breakfast I had at that location last year.  But the company was unequaled.  Big Easy and his lovely bride, Kay, had to head back to Boise at that point.  Their company thereafter was sorely missed.

We continued taking the back roads until we finally had to ride 22 miles of freeway between Huntington and Baker City.  I fended off G-Man trying to give the lead to me until we hit the road between La Grande and Joseph.  I reminded him the Vice President was responsible for coordinating and running all meetings and events according to the By-laws.

Besides, G-Man was trying to break into the Guinness Book of Records for most stops during a 24 hour period on a motorcycle ride of less than 10 people.  The award will be given at the next OMC meeting on November 1st.

We stopped in Wallowa and waited in line for the "one holer" bathroom.  I think I had ice cream.  An old timer rolled up on a Evo Softail and started up a conversation with us like we were long lost brothers.  Such is the Harley Davidson brotherhood.  Yeah...Brotherhood.  Yeah, it's sexist and I can't apologize.

We finally made it to Joseph with the usual 20 minutes to spare before all the cool stores closed.  Bomber, Smooth, G-Man and Rip City managed to still grab up some very cool tin signs for their living rooms at home.

We checked into Walter Brennan's former motel and settled our stuff into our rooms.

Everyone went shopping and such until it was time for dinner.  They did not have a Shrimp Melt on the menu but everyone found something to eat.  We also had a fashion show by Rip City where the new "FS" collection was displayed and discussed.

Duke and I walked around Main Street checking out the sites.  There were more bronze statues than I remembered.   Everyone else rode out to Wallowa Lake and checked out the hotel and such for possible use next year.

Late evening found Smooth, Rip City and myself playing some cards.  We played until Smooth and I had to start telling Rip City when to fold so we would not take advantage of RC's grogginess.  New Rule: When Rip City is too tired to shuffle the cards...the game is over.  Smooth was the big winner and I lost $1.85.

Morning found us at the Cheyenne cafe having the usual great breakfast.  We then hit the road and headed for Hell's Canyon with the Prez back in the lead.  The overlook at Hell's Canyon was very popular with mc riders of many stripes.

The ride from Joseph to Cambridge was especially nice with low traffic and temperatures adding to pleasure of riding the twisty roads through the pine trees.  Nirvana on two wheels...!  My Street Glide outperforms my former Fatboys in a big way through the curves and the ABS brakes are now a must on my bikes.

We stopped in Cambridge for lunch at a restaurant with a funny name I can't remember now.  I tried to google the name but still can't remember.  Good food though.  Best salad bar in town.

We continued down to Payette where Bomber and G-Man went straight when the rest of the OGRES turned east to head Emmett way.  A vote will be taken to see if Bomber and G-Man get credit for this ride since they did not finish the ride but abandoned near the end. ;)

As usual, I was not ready to go home.  I stopped at Massacre Park on Lincoln Road by Middleton Road and had a bottle of water to delay ending the ride.  That is the magic of riding the HD motor scooter.  Too much is never enough.

That's all I got and it is probably too much and not enough.  I try to file this report in a more timely manner but I couldn't get anyone to send me pictures.

If I didn't offend at least one reader, then I didn't do a very good job on this report.

Yeah, I know.  Brenda...You know what I'm talkin' 'bout...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OMC Meeting September 14th at 6 p.m.

Dyna Street Bob Custom

OMC September Meeting tomorrow night at Smooth's crib.  Members in good standing and their spouses are invited.  Prospects and their spouses are invited.  Guests are not invited.