Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Boise Roadster Show

Grim saw these two jewels at the Boise Roadster show tonight.  Grim couldn't find a year on the Indian but the Oldsmobile is a 1916.  It is clear we need to find all white tires for Rip City's Indian.  Class.

Grim expected to see G-Man or Smooth's antique Harley-Davidsons at the show also but they were not in sight.

Grim has always wanted a '53 Chevy Bel Air but not chopped and shaved like this one.  Bone stock would be perfect.

Grim's father had the "Nomad" 2 door station wagon version of this 1957 Pontiac Star Chief when Grim was a child.  It had a factory fuel injected 283 V8.  We had it for ten years.

This beauty trumps them all for Grim.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

OMC 2017 "Challis" Fall Run Update

I talked to Marine Mike at Challis Hot Springs today.  They are all set for us concerning the OMC Fall Run, specifically the evening of August 25th, when we will be spending the night there.

He confirmed the following reservations:  Bomber, G-Man, Grim, Rip City, Krome and a Guest.  That means there are three rooms left.  Currently, they are reserved in Grim's name.  Room number 3, 4 and 5 are still available.  When you call for your reservation, make sure they know it is for the OGRES and that your name needs to replace mine on one of those three rooms.

On May 1st, I will be calling Mike to have my name removed from those three rooms and they will be open season for any caller.  I don't want them to lose money because we didn't fill the house.

Mike also confirmed that there will be dinner for us, just as in the past three years, at the bed and breakfast.

I know they were closed for a few months but now they are open and ready for reservations.  There is a rumor that the 4th generation owners may be getting regulated out of business so this may be our last year here, as we have known it in the past.  

Please call me if you have any questions about the above.

Exercising Leadership

Leading the pack or a look inside Grim's brain:

Have a basic pre-ride briefing outlining rest stops, lunch stop and such.

Designate lead and sweep.

Don’t pull out from a stop until everyone can do so safely.  Avoid “speed racer’ and unnecessary passing movements.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly and gradually to avoid yo-yo and accordion effects.  This includes initial movements and speed limit signs.

Allow the group to “bunch up” at controlled intersections, when possible, before proceeding.

Don’t pull over until it can be done predictably and with enough room for all.  

Don't pull out until it can be done predictably and with enough room for all.

Do the speed limit or, at most, 5 above depending on road and traffic conditions unless group is previously advised.

Don’t leave anyone behind due to speed or ability.  No reason for anyone to have to catch up.

If all riders don’t make it through a controlled intersection, the group will slow down in the right hand lane or pull over if roadway does not allow.

Any Leader commands override everyone else unless there is danger involved.

A few notes on sweeping.  You could become the sweeper at any time.  Unexpected turns, the bike at the back waits, etc.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 2017 OMC Meeting Report

G-Man, Krome, Bomber, Prospect, Duke and  (Grim, photographer)

The OMC members gathered at the appointed time and place.  Present: Bomber, G-Man, Krome, Grim, Duke, Rip City (momentarily) and Prospect.  Absent:  Smooth.

Rip City was under the weather and departed after fulfilling a commitment with the Prez.  He is a man of honor.

We immediately heartily engaged ourselves in powering through as much Taco Bell cuisine as safely possible.  What a treat!  Big thanks to Duke for providing the TB and to G-Man for the liquid refreshment.

We introduced the Prospect to all attendees although he is well known to all of us from many rides and contacts.  Grim will be conducting an email ballot very soon to confirm his membership.  Please answer my email in a timely manner.  If the Prospect is ratified, his membership will be formalized at the May meeting.  I am only using Prospect to describe the new prospective member as his nickname is yet to be decided by the Prez.  

We discussed possible excursions to Front Sight training in Pahrump, Nevada for pistol and/or rifle training.   Grim is looking at dates at the end of April or the beginning of May.  The four day rifle class is beckoning Grim.  Here is the link to the training site:

Grim then presented a short primer on "Grim's mindset and focus" when leading an OMC run.  All present became quite engaged in the discussion and important questions were raised and answered along with the outline handed out by Grim.  This outline will be the focus of the next President's Blog post.  It was a great discussion and great knowledge and illumination was gathered by all.  A future discussion will probably be repeated when the two absent OMC members are present.

We badmouthed and talked trash about the missing members for the proper commensurate amount of time per tradition.

Grim remembers laughing pretty hard, at times, but doesn't remember exactly why.  Guess that's okay.

Krome displayed pictures of his new Road Glide Special and it should be present at the April Social. Information about the April Social will be forthcoming.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough for a ride to dinner somewhere since daylight savings time will be in effect.

The door prizes, in Grim's opinion, were some of the best ever and the only loser turned out to be Krome.  He did get a new copy of the OMC Constitution and By-Laws so he didn't leave completely empty handed.  

See you at the April Social.  Please let the Prez know if you are not able to attend (Grim already knows Bomber and G-Man will be absent smelling out rust somewhere.)