Thursday, July 28, 2016

OMC 2016 Summer Run Report

G-Man, Dan, Fresh, Grim, Duke, Marlene, Bomber, Krome, Joy and Rip "Beaver" City

I wish I could say we all met at the appointed time and place but that would be half true.  I will give you one guess as to who showed up last.  Uh huh.

Present: G-Man, Grim, Duke, Smooth, Bomber, Krome and Rip City (and three guests).  Absent: Big Easy and Zeus.

After a safety meeting and introductions, we headed up Highway 55 and proceeded to McCall through light traffic.  We stopped for gasoline in McCall at the Chevron.


As you can see, Scarecrow is on his phone while everyone is having real life interaction.  While we were there, Stan Moss drove by in his classic 55 Chevy Belair.  Someone took him for a ride on his trike, but I won't mention any names.  The evidence may have been captured on film to be used against the unmentioned OMC member at a later date.

We headed on up north and continued past New Meadows.  Somewhere between New Meadows and Riggins, a covey of sage hen was seen crossing the road.  Grim slowed down thinking they were quail and would be off the road in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, the last of the juvenile sage hen panicked, reversed direction and flew up directly in front of Grim.  Grim thought the sage hen had struck his fairing and had continued on in some fashion.  But, as luck would have it, Grim discovered the bony carcass wrapped around his engine guard about ten miles later.  The sage hen was extricated without difficulty and the trauma was over.

We rolled into Grangeville taking the back way due to road construction.  Duke had been attacked by a bee and part of the group was separated but Bomber alertly waited by the detour so the lost ones would know the way.  We rolled into more construction outside of Grangeville but G-Man alertly (not really) found a quicker way to the diner where the group enjoyed a great lunch.

Then it was on to Orofino.  The back way is a fun ride although we ran into quite a few vehicles in front of us including a motor home that allowed most of us to pass but the stragglers were caught behind when the motor home pulled back out.  I guess one should not straggle.

We arrived at Orofino, checked in, and hit the pool as soon as possible.  The Best Western is a much needed surprise in little Orofino and the pool and patio are great.  We made use of all including the happy hour.  Krome got into a lot of trouble passing around cookies without the staffers approval and she gave him a withering glare.  Krome "got" us all later saying the cookies were on his room tab (they weren't but he some of us really believing).  G-Man disappeared for a while to deliver some mail (he was too cheap to buy a stamp).  As usual, we had a splendid repast at the restaurant next door.

The next morning, we headed out early and headed over Lolo Pass.  It was a great ride all the way to Lolo.  We had a few false starts finding a place to eat in Hamilton when a local told us to go to the "Little Blue Joint" in Darby.  So we did.  There we found great food and a waitress whose voice volume almost broke some ear drums.  Some members (Rip City) persisted in asking more and more questions to prolong the agony of the waitress' speaking.  We gained some respite after everyone was fed and she moved a distance away.  Next year we will call and make sure she is working so we can have that much fun again.

We then hit the great shops in Darby buying pins, badges, candy and cool wall hangings.  A person could spend a lot of time in those shops as there is much to see and touch.  We also stopped by the custom hat makers shop but Rip City left empty handed again.

Goodie Stop

We then headed over the pass to get to Salmon.  At one of the stops, Bomber opened the "Goodie Tour Pak" and many members and guests helped him eat some of the goodies.

After a great ride over the pass, we arrived in Salmon and checked into the nicest motel in Salmon.  It is believed the motel is a "Minus Star" motel but at least the pool and hot tub were not occupied by a family reunion from Kuna or Garden City this year.  We ate at the nice little restaurant up the street where the Mud Pie and Key Lime pie is king.

Some of us got in the pool after dinner and there is a vicious roomer that some folks may have inadvertently been pushed into the very cold pool.  It was not caught on film and therefore cannot be substantiated.

The dawn found us headed south to Challis and we found ourselves on a recently chipped and sealed riding surface.  A slow pace was had for awhile but then the lead rider became impatient and picked up speed, especially upon seeing how fast the other motorized traffic was going.  Sorry about that broken headlight, Krome.

We rolled through Challis and turned towards Stanley.  After going a couple of miles, it was observed that only three or four riders were present.  The lead rider went back to see if a horrific gang wreck had occurred.  It was found that the entire remainder of the wild OMC riders had stopped because Rip City had lost the "beaver" from the seat of his bike.  The lead rider was not sure which caused him more consternation......that Rip City had lost his "beaver" or that the entire group had stopped because Rip City lost his "beaver".  Grim sure as hell would not have stopped.

We proceeded on into Stanley where some grabbed some gas and a break was taken at the foot of the great Sawtooth mountains.

Smooth Made It In This Photo

We then headed over Banner Summit and down to Lowman.  It was amazing how many vehicles  pulled over for us when they saw the string of bikes.  It was a quick jaunt and was highly enjoyable.  We then turned towards Garden Valley where we went a record distance before running into a red Honda who would not yield.   In fact, the driver slowed and pulled a clear to the right making it more dangerous to follow than it was to pass.  So we passed.  We stopped at Garden Valley for gas and then on into Crouch for lunch.  The Longhorn has changed hands and the service and food are much better.  I especially enjoyed the berry cobbler and ice cream.

Then it was on to Banks and south back to Boise.  Traffic was heavy and slow until we hit Horseshoe Bend hill where we were able to pass the slow movers.  The heat was palpable after being up in cooler climes.  We said our goodbyes at the same place we started the trip and reluctantly headed home.

This writer greatly enjoyed the trip as, I believe, did the other members and the guests.  I did get a little worn out asking to borrow others cell phones, at many stops, because I had left mine in my bike for the majority of the trip.  I wonder what it would be like to have a trip sans any electronic devices like the old days.  I guess I need to Google it to see if anyone does that anymore.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

OMC Summer Run Thursday July 21 (In Two Days)

This coming Thursday, we will be leaving at 8 a.m. sharp from the Chevron Gasoline Station at Beacon Light and Highway 55.  The weather looks dandy and this Run is shaping up to be an epic one.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 2016 OMC Meeting Report

The meeting convened, as scheduled, at the Clubhouse.  Present: Krome, Bomber, Rip City, Duke, G-Man and Grim.  Absent: Smooth, Big Easy and Zeus.

Matters of business and the state of the OMC were discussed.  It was mentioned there were not many rooms left in Orofino so phones calls were in order for those without reservations.  Many national problems were solved. We quickly realized how hungry we were and got on our bikes and headed over to Rudy's for food.

The round table was free and we lucked out and were given a waitperson that could/would put up with our collective crap especially Rip City's diatribe and demands.  My only complaint was that I ordered before being informed that Duke was covering the tab.  Dang it.

We talked a lot of trash about the members who were absent and did our best to keep Rip City awake.  Bomber made a splendid suggestion about turning the OGRES into a car club when we were too old and decrepit to ride two wheelers.  We reiterated our lack of desire to keep the Club running or to create a legacy.  Our goal is to have maximum fun for current members without worrying about the continuity of the OMC.

After ice cream and cake, we headed our separate ways looking forward to the Summer Run.  See you then.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Meeting Tomorrow Knight July 7th at 6:30 p.m.

Tomorrow knight is our mandatory OMC Meeting for July.  We will meet at the Clubhouse at 6:30 and will ride to dinner after a short business meeting.

Monday, July 4, 2016