Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Note from Bomber

Hey Grim,

I wanted to express sincere thanks from Greg and I both for the arrangements that were sent to our homes on behalf of the OGRES.  Please pass this along to the others and let them know how much we appreciated the thoughtfulness.  What a great group of guys.  I am very grateful for the association and friendship with all.

Thanks again,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Testing Testing Testing

Fellow OGRES...

Please respond with a RECEIVED when you get this e-mail.

I want to make sure everyone is getting e-mails when I post on the OMC blog.  There have been some misunderstandings that lead me to believe some members aren't reading the e-mails when I post on the blog or are not getting them.  Or plain don't give a crap.

You will know it's a blog post e-mail because I always have a picture.  A standard e-mail won't have a picture.

If you receive this and don't respond, expect a personal phone call to verify your e-mail address.

I put out valuable updates and club information including by-laws clarifications...so read them.  I put a lot of effort into the website.  Please don't make it a vain effort.

Clear as mud?

This blog post, and all blog posts since 2010,  can read over and over again by going to the OMC website at:


You can also check out the picture gallery and get details of all the OMC events at the above website. Your yearly dues pay the the above website so you might as well use it.

Very Grim

Sunday, March 16, 2014

With Sympathy

The dear mother of Bomber and G-man passed away last Thursday, March 13th surrounded by her family.  The OMC sends sincere condolences.

Services will be held on Monday, March 17th at 10:30 at Chinden and 5 Mile.  Rip City is heading up the OMC attendance at the services.  Contact Rip City for coordination.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OMC March 6, 2014 Meeting Report

The meeting started promptly at 7 p.m. with the destruction of Taco Bell tacos and burritos generously furnished by Duke.  Present: G-Man, Duke, Grim, Rip City, Big Easy, Bomber, Krome and Smooth.  Not present: Zeus.

A short discussion was held reference the OMC Spring Run to Challis.  Members were encouraged to make their reservations now as I advised Gretchen to treat us as any other repeat customers.  Rooms will not be held without personally made reservations and other customers may beat us to the rooms.  If you camp out, be prepared to pay for dinner and breakfast.  The owners are my friends and I admittedly am very protective of them.

A challenge coin "challenge" was made and all had their coins except Krome.  He will be bringing food and refreshments to the May OMC Meeting unless we dine out.  Krome almost made up for being coin-less by being the only member to ride a Harley to the meeting instead of a cage.  I am sure glad he bought that gorgeous Deuce for his wife for Christmas.

A discussion was renewed about a ride to supplant the current route for the OMC Summer run.  After discussion and epitaphs it was decided G-Man would go back to the drawing board with a 3 day, 1000 mile limit.  Many thanks to G-Man for his hard work and long suffering, by tolerating Grim's bad humor, in attacking this daunting project.  If only I could read a map.  Should get a GPS on my Street Glide I suppose.  I'm just not ready to turn in my MAN card, I guess.

Grim announced he would not be able to do Route 66 this coming summer due to another shoulder surgery.  There are plans afloat to do a 1 week California Redwoods ride in August instead.  Route 66 will happen in summer of 2015 without fail.  Grim will be retired with too much time on his hands.

There was some talk of Sturgis but only innuendo.

A guest was present at the meeting.  Reference this guest, a prospect invitation will NOT be forthcoming by unanimous vote of the primary officers.  Please contact Grim for further information as I was unable to advise at the meeting.

OMC members were encouraged to send out group texts or e-mails for impromptu rides during the upcoming season.  Get a hold of me and I will send them for you if you wish.

We have a great OMC and I appreciate everyone's participation and passion.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

OMC Meeting March 6 at Clubhouse - 7 PM

The March OMC Meeting will be held on Thursday the 6th at 7 PM.  It will be held at the clubhouse on Fairview.  Thee will be food and drink so come hungry.

Bring the yearly dues if you haven't paid.