Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rip City's Report of the OMC November 2017 Mandatory Meeting

November 2 2107 was the date of the first OGRES field trip.  The location was Caldwell, Idaho at the Terry Maybon residence.  This was RIP's big invitation to Caldwell's night life.

Of course, RIP was his usual 30 minutes early to deliver his payment of Root Beer to Terry.  Gundy showed up in usual biker style riding his motorcycle...right on time.  Duke came soon after driving his covered wagon.  Terry showed up ready to show off his 9 cool cars.

I said, nervously, "Let's wait for the Thuesons".  That was my big mistake.  I called them twice and was being told "We're just about there",  Finally, after what seemed like half time at a football game, they showed up.  All was forgiven when Bomber showed up in a vintage old Ford pickup truck.

MIA was our Pres., Smooth and Krome.  Too bad, they missed some cool, cool rides.

Terry had documentation of taking rusty metal, shaped like door handles, of some forgotten muscle car and turning it into a "meant of showroom" quality piece of automobile jewelry.  Several cars have taken First Place at regional car shows like a 67 Camaro.   And also a Cobra kit car that was as close to the real thing that any of us had ever seen.  Several times he started up cars and grins were abundant.  The cars we saw represented our 25 years of Terry missing TV in order to be out in his man's cave creating works of art.

Then it was time to depart Terry's cool pad to go eat.  Of course, RIP let the way...and got lost in Caldwell.  Finally, while wondering where to go, we looked right across the street to the Sunrise Cafe.  We, of course, rolled in wearing our cuts and scaring people as we have been trained to do.  As usual, Rip met a Mexican friend he hadn't seen for 20 years.

The food was excellent, the service was excellent and Duke was excellent...paying for our meal.  Thanks, Duke !

RIP would like to invite Terry to our Club meeting in January 2018 to show him the Clubhouse and all the cool cars in the Clubhouse.  RIP awaits response from the Pres....

Submitted by:  Rip City