Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Special July 17 Meeting: Election of Vice President and Road Captains Report


A special meeting was held on the last day, July 17, of the 2021 OMC Summer Run. Since we don't have a meeting until November, due to the OMC Barbecue being held in September, important Club business needed to be accomplished at this time.

Grim had noted during his career, and by observing life in general, that people often do a lot of work without recognition, compensation, or credit. Many studies show that recognition is more powerful in people's lives than money or sex.

Grim had observed that Rip City had been working hard for the past couple of seasons and had unintentionally been fulfilling the role of Vice President. His documentation of the Runs and Meetings in video, word and photos had taken a huge load off of the President's back. Rip City has always been effective and timely in his interactions both in and outside the Club. Most recently Rip City interfaced with the Pipe Hitters Motorcycle Club while the OMC was in Orofino. This led to a fun and interesting time interacting with the PHMC.

Additionally, Gundy and G-Man have already been doing the work of Road Captain both on and off the bike. They both have assisted the President and the Club helping to keep everyone safe on the road. Gundy and G-Man are expert and adept at devising and creating Runs and rides for the Club.  Both the Summer and Fall Runs were devised by G-Man and they are Club favorites.

Grim opened nominations for Vice President and nominated Rip City as Vice President. Grim also nominated Gundy and G-Man as Road Captains. Grim also advised the Club that the OMC By-Laws also called for a nomination committee and for a vote to take place 30 days after the nomination committee was formed.

Smooth made a motion that G-Man be thanked for his years of service to the OGRES Motorcycle Club. Smooth further moved that the OMC Vice President position be filled by Rip City. He also moved that Gundy and G-Man be the Road Captains for the OGRES Motorcycle Club. The final part of his motion was that the aforementioned election requirements be waived for this election. The motion was seconded by Rowdy.

All motions carried with a unanimous vote of the 8 members present. The requirement that 3/4s of the Club membership must vote in the affirmative for a new Primary Officer was met.

The OGRES Motorcycle Club thanks G-Man for his years of service to the Club.

The OMC also congratulates Rip City as the new Vice President. The OMC also congratulates G-Man and Gundy for their new positions as Road Captains.

The change in Primary Officers was effective July 18, 2021.

The meeting was adjourned.

President Grim, Bomber, Smooth, Road Captain Gundy, Vice President Rip City, Slick, Rowdy and Road Captain G-Man

Monday, July 19, 2021

OGRES MC 2021 Summer Run Report

 Members of the OGRES Motorcycle Club met at the appointed place and time for the OMC 2021 Summer Run. Members present: Rip City, G-Man, Bomber, Gundy, Slick, Rowdy, Smooth and Grim. Members absent: Duke and Krome.

The safety briefing was held and the OMC members were quickly on the road. The ride up to Idaho City was a little cooler than expected and a stop was made in Idaho City to put on warmer gear.

Breakfast of Champions

The Gathering

Two for $4

Chase Car Deployed

Safety Briefing

Twisties Upcoming

Members mounted back up and we headed on up towards Lowman. The route was twisty and fun and not near as rough as Grim had remembered from riding the route a week ago. We soon rolled into Lowman for a short break at the Lowman Lodge. Unfortunately, the Lodge was closed until further notice but the portable potties were utilized.

Idaho City


Warm Clothing Applied

Running for the John

On the Phone Again (Sung to Williie Nelson's "On the Road Again")

Prepping for Departure

The next leg was fairly pleasant and a little higher speed except for the time we were stuck behind a paint crew for what seemed like a million miles. The line painting crew finally pulled over and we breezed along after that. After we swung right, the finally time, approaching Stanley, a white Malibu decided it was a good time to pass about 20 vehicles in one fell swoop. As Bomber said, it is a good thing we say a prayer each day for heavenly oversight.

We rolled into Stanley for our lunch stop at the usual place. It was pretty quiet and the service was prompt and witty.

Always Good

Iron Horses

Slick as Ever

On the Phone Again



Rip City and Fry Sauce

Smooth Talkin'

No Rust Here

Four Skins


After a very pleasant meal next to the water, the intrepid travelers continued up the road towards Challis. The ride between Stanley and Challis was a fun one with several cars pulling over for us so we could keep our speed up. Grim was very disappointed the museum in Clayton was closed so we could not visit.  Not!

We rolled into Challis to stop for fuel as the Exxon station always has non-ethanol premium gas and good ice cream.

Smooth and Grim Sharing Nicely

No More Ice Cream

Gettin Rip City in the Picture

We all filled up on gasoline and ice cream and headed on up the road to Salmon. It was a great cruise up through the winding roads and there was very little traffic. We arrived in Salmon and checked into the hotel. Rowdy and Grim walked up the street to make reservations at the Shady Nook.




Waiting for Fried Food Extravaganza

Still Waiting

And Still Waiting

Praying for Food

Bombers Hat Began to Look Tasty

Does Water Have Nutritional Value?

Eating Rip City's Food

Really Really Really Really Really Crispy

We had already put down roots at the Shady Nook and decided to get out while we still could, bypassing dessert, after having been there so long waiting interminably for our food. Next time we may go out to the White House Restaurant or sit at four man tables for faster service. 

When we arrived back at the hotel, we decided to all pile into Smooth's chase vehicle and go for ice cream. When we googled the possibilities, the only choice was the local market. We flew down the road without seatbelts or restraints in the back of the Jeep although there were some Gen X worry warts who were fearful of falling.  It was definitely "The Wild Ride of Mr. Toad".




At the Market

Flying Back

We arrived back at the hotel and saw a crazy Triumph motorcycle with a car tire for a rear tire and a great license plate.

Radial Tires

Yellow Brick Road

We said our goodnights and headed to our rooms for a deep and restful sleep.

Five, er...., One Star Breakfast

We arose the next morning to a rousing breakfast. All right, it was meager, tasteless and very crowded. Most of us managed to get something in our stomachs before we headed out to the safety briefing. It was more or less on time because we had the usual stragglers and Rip City began the practice of losing his helmet (the "Golden Helmet of Mambrino") at this time. After Rip City found his helmet, we had a safety briefing before heading down to the Sinclair Station for fuel. Most of us had no issue getting gas, but Rip City almost committed a criminal misdemeanor by leaving without paying. After RC dodged the law, we headed on our way.

Salmon Departure

Where is Your Helmet?

We headed down the road to begin Grim's favorite leg of the Summer Run. We hadn't traveled very far when we encountered a craggy outcropping of rock carved out for the roadway. A dozen mountain goats awaited us with several still on the road. We slowed down and the waving invited the goats to exit the road and clamber up the rock slide. It was amazing how quickly and adroitly the goats flew up the escarpment.

We continued down a little further until we made a stop for a bio break. No one used the facilities, despite earlier admonitions, but we all enjoyed a gourmet feast of crackers, oysters and cheese laid out by Slick. Rip City again misplace the Golden Helmet but it was soon found on the hood of Smooth's Jeep.

Such Great Pals

I guess I Didn't Have to Pee After All

Assuming the Position

Ready for the Arrest for Gas Theft


Gourmet Feast

The next twenty miles into Darby was cool, pleasant and void of most traffic. We rolled up to our regular stop and enter the group of stores we enjoy every year. Almost everyone picked up a gift or a treat. Grim lucked out and the lovely ring he purchased for his wife fit her perfectly. 

Rip City's New Feather

He Had the Balls to Take This Photo

How much is the ring!?!?

We finished up our shopping and chocolate haystacks and climbed back on our motorcycles. We headed north through Hamilton, Lolo and other assorted towns. The temperature was much cooler than usual and the traffic was also lighter than in past years. We turned at Lolo and headed up Highway 12 soon passing a slow moving grandma who was a little scary in her driving. We pulled into the Traveler's Rest truck stop where we usually like to get gas. We probably won't stop there again as the gas was dispensed so slowly that we were afraid we would still be there pumping gas when Rip City finally decides to retire.

Looking to See if Grim was Pumping Molasses

Slow Train

After finally filling our tanks, we headed up the road to head for our lunch spot. The temperature was still great and the road windy and smooth. Grim disregarded the 45 mile per hour signs, quickly seeing that there was no wild fire activity as purported by the signs.

We rolled into the Lochsa Lodge and headed inside for a meal. We were able to sit together rather than a smaller tables as we did last year.
Clam chowder seemed to be the dish or choice for some but we all had a great meal and soon headed outside for some horizontal time on the lawn. The temperature had risen and there was no shade so Grim chose to sit by the cold fire pit where there were small rocks to throw at unsuspecting MC members.

I don't know......I am not asking.

Our stomachs satiated and our Vitamin D restored, we headed on down the road towards Orofino. We did pass one deer during this stretch but it was way across the road in a turnout. This part of the ride has a lot of great twisting curves and great straight-aways but is a little narrower. We did run into a little more traffic. We did make one stop just past Three Rivers Resorts for a quick bio break and to make some changes in the ride order. Some even peed along side the road while others were too shy and chose to hold their water. Bomber, G-Man, Rowdy and Smooth chose to stop and smell some rust next door while the other four riders headed on down the road without them. 

The remaining ride was pretty nice except for the short spell that we rode behind a huge hay truck that spewed hay particles and pieces on us. Also, the infamous pot hole unhorsed Grim again even though he was watching carefully for it. It won't get him next year!!!

Pipe Hitters Union

As the "forward four" pulled into the parking lot at the Best Western, we observed about 30 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and one Indian motorcycle already in the parking lot. The local chapters of a national club were in attendance. Rip City contacted some of the riders and found out that the "Pipe Hitters Union" motorcycle club were having a three day rally at the hotel. This club is comprised of veterans, law enforcement officers and select civilians. They invited us to a initiation ceremony later where a new prospect was initiated and a prospect was also to receive a full patch. They were very friendly and respectful.

We took a short rest in our rooms before convening a short meeting in the hot tub and pool. This respite was highlighted by G-Man showing off his black jockstrap and Gundy demonstrating how to "dive" into the hot tub.

After freshening up, we headed over to the restaurant where Grim had already gotten the reservations for the OMC. We waited for a spell for the two newest members then decided to head on over. It became clear that was a mistake and Gundy went back to retrieve them. Slick was resplendent in his red shirt, salmon (pink) shorts and flip flops.

We were met by Lily who, for some unknown reason, had the impression that Slick swung a little to the left. After that she gave Slick plenty of attention and was even impressed when the "gay" guy even cleaned up his plate. Grim had a fantastic rib eye steak and the best carrot cake in memory. We finished our meal and conversations and headed back to the hotel for the PHMC ceremony.

Hot Tub Meeting

Ready for Dinner


Lily, the Gang and the "Gay Guy"

Those who weren't wearing their cuts, grabbed them, and we headed for the ceremony. We were impressed by how respectful and friendly all the members were along with how well many of them were holding their liquor. The ceremony began and went on for way too long. Grim started looking for an exit strategy and found that four of the members had already escaped without Grim noticing. Dang. Finally, the ceremony took a pause and the remaining four OMC members were able to escape, albeit without shaking many hands.


Eight of Ten

The next morning we rose to a very nice breakfast at the hotel and posed for our annual photo on the second floor railing. We were all outside at our customary spot, next to our bikes, for the 7:45 safety briefing. Everyone was there except for G-Man who, I was told by the members, had just gone inside "to get a waffle" just prior to my arrival at 7:41. Although it was time for the safety briefing, we decided to go inside and do our customary annual photograph along the second floor railing. We found G-Man dawdling in the breakfast area and headed upstairs for our picture. We then climbed aboard our bikes and headed on our way.

Our Pipe Hitter Union Friends at Breakfast

Where is Waldo, er..., G-Man?

Reluctantly, we left the pretty town of Orofino and headed up towards Grangeville. Highway 162 out of Kamiah was it's usually charming, vista filled, and rolling wonder it always seems to be. We managed to get behind a couple of really "slow movers" but everyone eventually made it to Grangeville for a short break and more of Slicks gourmet cheese, oysters and crackers.

Jumping back on our bikes, we headed south and were soon enjoying the descent down White Bird Grade. This part of the journey is always exhilarating and the last bit of enjoying the cooler temperatures. After this grade, the temperatures increase quite a bit as we head south. 

After a nice ride along the river, we stopped at Riggins to shed our jackets, chaps and such. It was definitely warmer in Riggins. We frequented the convenience store and downed some more water to stay hydrated.

Solo Parking

It was more pleasant going down the road without hot leathers on our bodies. We were able to make pretty good time down through New Meadows, Old Meadows and up into McCall. We stopped and got gas while Smooth went ahead and secured us a table at the Pancake House. 

We were able to get a table next to screaming children but Smooth went over and calmed everything down. We had a great server and were soon blessed with some great food. Grim was jealous of the great salads most of the members had but calmed myself with my veggie omelette. Grim's pancake only contained about 4 blueberries so that pancake went to waste.

Rowdy asked the lovely server to observe Slick's countenance, demeanor and attire to deduce which way Slick "swung". She was sure he was gay or he wouldn't wear that hat. Now that was funny...I don't care who you are.

Grim asked everyone to adjourn to the verandah where an official OMC meeting was opened. The subject, content and outcome of this meeting will be outlined and described in a separate blog post on this medium tomorrow.

We adjourned the meeting and headed out to our bikes. 

Rip City parted company with at this point as his family was already in McCall to begin a week long family vacation. We missed going the entire distance to Boise with Rip City but wished him the best on his vacation in McCall. 

There was much traffic and Smooth did his usual great job blocking traffic so that we could all egress safely.  The road and traffic through Donnelly, Cascade and such was light and fun. 

The pack of OGRES members did experience some communication and coordination problems while navigating parts of the road that contained passing lanes. Grim and Gundy had previously discussed strategies going through the passing lanes and would preclude cars from getting in amongst motorcycles as long as the pack was doing the speed limit or faster. The other side of the coin is allowing faster moving traffic to get past us.

When we arrived in Smiths Ferry for a break, we discussed our strategy in the future. We came to an agreement that we would always move to the right in the passing lane zones. We will slow down if there is traffic behind us and let them pass. We will not slow down if there is no one behind us but we will still use the right hand lane. This will be discussed further in the first safety briefing of the Fall Run and at the November official OMC meeting.

We hit the road and headed down the rest of the way through Horseshoe Bend and over into the valley. We stopped and said our goodbyes at the Chevron Station at Beacon Light and Highway 55 per G-Man's request. He didn't want to cross traffic two more times by going on to the Stinker Station.

Grim, Bomber, Smooth, Gundy, Rip City, Slick, Rowdy and G-Man

Many, many thanks to Smooth for being such a great "chase" car protecting our "six" and blocking traffic for us to be able to get back on the road safely after our stops.

Many, many thanks to Rip City for all his hard work coordinating with other Clubs, taking all the photos and producing his really great "ReLive" reels. It is much appreciated and welcomed by Grim as it takes a big load off his shoulders.

Slick receives the "Most Committed OMC Member" award for flying in from Alabama solely to attend the OMC rides. It is great to have him in the OMC.

See all you OMC members at the OMC Fall Run.