Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Good News and Bad News for the OGRES MC 2023 Spring Run


Upcoming Week of Weather Forecast for Ketchum, Idaho

The good news is that the 2023 OMC Spring Run is this coming Thursday. Details can be found on the OMC website under Events.

The bad news is pictured above. The weather forecast for the second day of the Spring Run is not good, showing high percentages of possibility for rain in the Ketchum area which is a good indicator for the Stanley area also.

Upcoming Week of Weather Forecast for Hagerman, Idaho

Thursday still looks good for possibility of rain for Hagerman but Friday does not look great. It could be that we ride to Hagerman on Thursday but may have to hightail it back to Boise the same way we came or an alternate route.

For now, the plans stay the same and Grim/RipCity will keep an eye on the weather and update if needed. 

Bring your rain gear for sure.

Here is the attendance list that I have. 

Please let me know if I am correct in your regards to your individual status.

Going: RipCity, Gundy, G-Man, Smooth, Duke, Grim and Rowdy.

Not going: Slick, Krome and Bomber.

That is all for now.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Spring Upgrades Abound for OGRES Motorcycle Club Members

 Check out the cool steering sticks upgrade to RipCity's Indian Chieftain. This should make those Iron Butt rides super comfy for RipCity and his behind.

OGRES Motorcycle Club members can further upgrade their Spring riding season by attending the upcoming OGRES MC 2023 Spring Run on June 8th and 9th. Further information can be found at this link:


Everyone should be in attendance unless they have less than absolute power over their lives and allow others to make decisions for them. 

LoL Just kidding.

Friday, May 5, 2023

OGRES Motorcycle Club May 2023 Meeting Report


The OGRES MC faithful met at the appointed time and place promptly and silently dangerous.

Members present were: G-Man, RipCity, Gundy and Grim. Members absent: KROME, Duke, Slick, Rowdy, Smooth and Bomber.

We met very briefly at the Clubhouse but there wasn't much on the agenda except outlining and discussing the lame reasons why the absent OMC members blew off the meeting. There was pointed and derogatory dialogue about each member and their progeny.

We quickly reconvened at the Grill and Maddie was at our table very quickly to take our drink and food orders. She was brand new so we broke her in hard to the OGRES MC culture.

Grim asked for his salad to be "up front" but it came with the rest of his dinner. A fist fight nearly ensued with the errant waitress.

Rip City ordered the new potatoes that have replace the tater tots. He enjoyed them so much G-Man was gifted two large pieces of his salmon strips. Crispy and yummy. 

We discussed the efficacy of having a 1000 mile Iron Butt ride on June 24th. We would do the same route we have done twice previously unless the Road Captains could come up with something better. We would leave at 5 am to avoid riding into the late darkness at the end of the ride. Grim is gonna ride it, in any event, as he has not done it previously on a comfortable bike.

It was a great and fun meeting/dinner. Grim has not laughed that hard for a long time. Some of the banter might have been a little off color but it was RipCity's fault. Grim was innocent on any of it.

The meeting was concluded with a "small" bowl of ice cream and we headed back to the barn.

No one really wanted to depart so we went inside and checked out G-Man's fleet of motorcycles and cars. It was a great time but we finally pried ourselves from the socialization and roared off on our Harleys into the sunset.

Next OMC event is the Spring Run. The more the merrier unless you keep scheduling family reunions at the same time. Lol.

Monday, May 1, 2023

OGRES Motorcycle Club Mandatory May 2023 Meeting Thursday 4 @ 6:30 PM


The OGRES Motorcycle Club Mandatory May 2023 meeting will be held this coming Thursday May 4 at 6:30 PM. We will begin the meeting at the Fairview Clubhouse.

See you there.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

OGRES Motorcycle Club March 2023 Mandatory Meeting Report


The March 2023 OMC meeting was held at the appointed place and time. 

Members present: RipCity, Gundy, Bomber, G-Man, Smooth, Duke, Rowdy and Grim.

Members absent: Krome and Slick.

We didn't have an agenda so we sat in the Clubhouse and had a nice exchange of travel, life as we know it and general living in a free country stories. 

Grim will be putting together a hat and t-shirt order adorned with the OGRES livery. A blog post is forthcoming with more information. Please email Grim with your hat and t-shirt size for this venture. The list that was compiled at the meeting was lost in the wind.

We also made time to talk trash about the missing OMC members. No one is a close second, to Krome, for missing the most OMC functions ever. (Actually, we missed them.)

Members were reminded that all OMC 2023 Run venues were open to getting reservations made. It was a timely reminder as Grim found some reservation discrepancies in Joseph, Oregon that have been remedied.

Smooth made a motion to adjourn to the Sockeye Grill for dinner. It was seconded and the motion was passed in initiate motion to the restaurant.

We had a great time at the Sockeye although Duke had to sit across from G-Man and found himself having to talk business during this leisurely laid back OMC time. Lol. 

The meals were great and RipCity's crispy, crispy, crispy tater tots truly were. Maybe the best in memory.

We finally topped up on maximum fun and called it a night. It is true that things get better with age. We are coming up on 13 years as a Club. 'Nuff said.


I'll Be Your Huckleberry

Jus' Thinking' 'Bout Things

That's Right...We Bad

Motley Crew

Keep on Truckin'

Friday, March 10, 2023

Update Concerning the OGRES MC 2023 Fall Run on August 24, 2023


Currently, the Indian Lodge Motel has blocked out 9 rooms for the OMC Fall Run awaiting OMC members to call and make individual credit card reservation confirmations.

As of this moment, the following OMC members have called to nail down their individual reservations:

Grim, Gundy, G-Man and Bomber.

All other OMC members and guests that plan on attending the OMC Fall Run need to call ASAP and make their individual reservation confirmations. 

We do not want the Indian Lodge Motel to lose money by holding rooms that are not used by OMC members.

The phone number at the Indian Lodge Motel is (541) 432-2651. Karen is very gracious and will take care of you. 

Make sure you state you are with the OGRES Motorcycle Club.

Friday, March 3, 2023

OMC Night at the Steelheads Game Report by Rowdy


Guest blogger: Rowdy

Duke provided a very fun evening for a few OGRES members and their families. The day began with Bomber graciously doing ticket handoffs for the few OGRES members who were able to participate. 

Tickets were slated for Bomber and his lovely wife Brenda, G-Man and his better half Sherri, G-Man's handsome young buck Nate, Rowdy and his gorgeous babe Diane and Jim & Marcie Crawford who were invited by Rowdy. By midday, Rowdy learned the tickets were not all spoke for and convinced his son, Jake, to take advantage fo the opportunity by bringing Jess, the girl he is dating.

The last minute invitees further prove young people either (1) rarely have important things going on or (2) will drop anything for a free event where Dad pays for the snacks.

Speaking of snacks, the nacho plate was monstrous and who knew authentic poutine (gravy covered fries...one of the most famous Canadian dishes) were served for the local restaurant.

Rowdy spent a great deal of time explaining the rules to the other participants as icing the puck, line changes and power plays were not understood by all attendees. However, the game was quite engaging with the home team going behind early, tying the score, pulling ahead and then an empty net goal during the final minutes of play. Bomber and Brenda left a little early to attend a very important basketball game but all others stayed until the end and witnessed the empty net goal as the Steelheads won 3-1.

Unfortunately, the only picture taken did not include all of the OGRES members - mental note for next time - but suffice it to say, all had a great time.

Big shout out to Duke for thinking of the OGRES brothers when he had tickets to spare. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

OGRES Motorcycle Club Mandatory Meeting This Thursday at 6:30 PM


There will be a mandatory OGRES Motorcycle Club meeting this coming Thursday, March 2, at 6:30 PM. It will be held at the Fairview Clubhouse.

See all you members, in good standing, at the meeting.

Friday, February 24, 2023

OGRES 2023 Annual Valentines Day Dinner

Photographs and text by guest blogger Vice President RipCity. Enjoy.

 The evening could not have been better! Most everyone arrived early before the official 6 PM starting time. Upon arrival, G-Man was busy polishing the Clubhouse floor, exotic automobiles and all sides of the Clubhouse/Bar.

This night was special and everyone in attendance was impressed with the extra care that was taken. Even the grease pit was tidy.

The bar was covered with wonderful munchies, veggies and beverages provided by Mrs. VP. There was even spittoon on the floor by the bar for the ruffians in the crowd.

G-Man (aka Dick Clark) turned on the vintage malt shop juke box and the party really started. Warmth from the cold outside, music, eats and verrrrry cool four wheeled cars created OGRES MC heaven.

At 6:45 PM, OGRES members and their brides headed over to the Sockeye Grill railroad car for dinner. The RR car was all ours to enjoy with no interlopers. Big thanks to G-Man for making the arrangements for this very special venue.

In attendance were: Rowdy and Diane, Gundy and Joy, G-Man and Sheri, Bomber, RipCity and Stephanie and Mrs. B, Smooth and Pat, 

Those not in attendance: Duke and Pam, Krome and Sonja, Slick and Julie and Grim and Jeannelle.

Those absent were sadly missed and we paused for a moment of silence.

The waitress was great and the railroad car was a wonderful piece of heaven. The event epitomized the foundation for what the OGRES Motorcycle Club stands for: Real Trusting Friendships (RTF). The event was well organized for creating great memories and maximum fun.

Each table was totally engrossed in intense conversation. Everyone was participating. It was a happy evening. Some attendees were even taught to make a worm out of a straw tube and, rudely, some folks spit-balled their straw cover at other combatants. The humor reached a new low when someone stuffed a straw cover in RipCity's nostrils. The result was actually an improvement.

Everyone had a chance of photo opportunities doing what they do best...Acting like kids while their children aren't present.

The food was excellent and time seemed to fly while the low cost of the event was a pleasant surprise. Surprise...anti-inflationary...about $15 bucks each. (Editors note: a good thing since OMC members are SO hurting for cash.)

Thanks to G-Man, Grim and Stephanie for their efforts to make this event such a smash.

Edited slightly by Grim, who noticed that the photos are in reverse chronological order upon finishing his editing. Adventurous reading for all.