Thursday, May 11, 2017

OGRES MC May 2017 Meeting Report

OMC members met at the appointed time at the Clubhouse on Fairview.  Present:  Krome, Grim, G-Man, Rip City, Gundy and Duke.  Absent:  Smooth and Bomber.

Krome had his new Road Glide Special ready to run and we checked out the rad and gnarly things he had done to make the Glide his own.  The ride was very nice and up to OGRES standards.  Rip City and Duke were giving their bikes a good cleaning so as to best represent the OMC.

We met briefly and officially welcomed Gundy as an OMC member in good standing.  Darn glad to have him as part of the motley crew.  Grim hardly recognized the newly shorn Gundy and hoped he hadn't lost his super powers with this locks of hair.

We decided to head to Rudy's for dinner and took off en masse to that location.  We put together our table and found we had a waitress who was experiencing her first night on the job.  Even though some members found her appearance easy on the eyes, in Grim's estimation it did not make up for the fact she managed to get every order screwed up either in content or in lack of proper timing.  One member was very forgiving, due to her appearance, and another enjoyed having his arm brushed by her luxuriously long hair and being called the "Grand Poobah".  She must have missed seeing the President patch on Grim's cut.   

At first, there was no requisite vanilla ice cream, according to the dishing damsel, but miraculously ice cream did appear at the end of the meal.  Hmmm.  It was still a great meal and the food was good and the company entertaining.  

There was a lively discussion concerning the efficacy of making plans the evening of the last day of an OMC ride.  Some make it a practice of relaxing/recovering after the OMC ride and others go to movies, and such, with the significant others in their lives.  You can read between the lines. so to speak.  Grim applauds those intrepid planners.

Grim also announced the Summer Ride in 2018 will remain the same but the Spring and Fall rides will be swapped back to where they have always been.  The reasons for changing them for 2017 have disappeared as if by conspiracy.  It was probably the Russians or Trump, according to the Press.

See you in June for the Social on Thursday the 1st.

By the way, the above picture depicts the new sticker available for use on vehicles and the like.  I will have them for OMC members at the June Social.