Tuesday, September 24, 2019

OGRES MC Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Challenge Coins

The Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Challenge Coins will be arriving any day now.  

These coins are an upgrade from our last ones and will be extremely super groovy.

They will be available on a first come...first served basis for OMC members in good standing.

The price is only $10.00 each for members.  They will be $15.00 each for non members. The President will determine if a non member requesting to buy a coin is "coin worthy".

Members are free to trade or gift the coins they have purchased to whomever they want. No permission is needed from the OMC.

Let Grim know how many coins you want to reserve.  Again, they are on a first come (cash).....first served basis.  

Rock on!

Monday, September 23, 2019

OGRES MC Emeritus Standards

I covered the subject of the OGRES MC Emeritus standards at the last meeting but wanted to memorialize them here and they will also be added to the OGRES MC Bylaws and Constitution.  The standards are as follows:

OGRES Emeritus member status is granted by unanimous consent of the OMC members in good standing.  

Eligibility for OGRES Emeritus status is determined by the President, Vice President and Sergeant at Arms.

OGRES Emeritus members are not eligible to pay yearly dues and are prohibited from doing so.

OGRES Emeritus members are eligible to attend the OGRES mandatory meetings and barbecue events but it is not mandatory for them to attend.

OGRES Emeritus members are not eligible to participate in the OGRES sanctioned Fall, Spring or Summer Runs.

OGRES Emeritus members are eligible to wear the OGRES sanctioned cuts/colors as long as they display the "EMERITUS" patch in the designated place on the vest.  The patch will be furnished by the OGRES Motorcycle Club.  However, the wearing of the cut is not mandatory.

OGRES Emeritus members are not eligible to vote in any OGRES MC affairs.

OGRES Emeritus members are not required to own an OGRES MC Bylaws approved motorcycle.

Please contact the President if you have any questions.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

2019 OGRES MC Special Evening with Spouses Report

This very special evening with the spouses was the best one yet.  

OGRES MC members present: Grim, Rip City, Bomber, Gundy, Duke and G-Man.  

OGRES Emeritus present: Smooth.  

OGRES spouses present: Jeannelle, Stephanie, Brenda, Pat, Joy, Pam and Sherry.  

OGRES MC members absent: Krome and Slick.

Grim would have had a contest to see who showed up fashionably late, as usual, but it wouldn't be much of a contest.  G-Man said he was actually early because he was only 15 minutes late.  He did show up with the dessert so he was forgiven.

First order of the day, after salutations, hugs and greetings was to get some group photos taken.  We did not have a dedicated camera person so several photos were needed to record everyone's participation along with getting shots of everyone without eyes open  or mouths agape.

After a blessing on the food was given, short speeches were given by the event's hosts, Bomber and Mrs. B.  Newly OGRES Emeritus  Smooth then gave a short speech followed by Grim.  With the formalities out of the way, we adjourned en masse to the dining area.

We were greeted by the delicious aroma of pork steaks, yummy potatoes and carrots and succulent nutty/fruity salad.  The room grew hushed as hungry folks enjoyed the bountiful repast.  As tummies began to fill, the conversation picked back up.  

Next year Grim is going to sit in the middle of the table so he can hear all the threads of conversation. His location at the end of the table limited his involvement.  There was a discussion about what destination one has when riding scooters.  Also one about "Little Men".  Duke also gave an account of his "health adventure" while back east at the Boy Scout Jamboree.  It was readily clear that Duke's guardian angels had worked overtime during his health crisis.  All the OGRES are very glad to have him back in one piece.

The cheesecake that G-Man had baked (Costco) was delish and was soon gone.

At one point, Grim proposed a parlor game after G-Man had talked about a man who cigarettes were named after.  Each member would state their name and then state the descriptor, or such, that would be on the cover of the book.  They are as follows:

Smooth:          "He's Such a Nice Guy"

Pat:                  "Next Trip?"

Gundy:             "6th of 8"

Joy:                   "Joy Ride"

G-Man:             "I'm On My Way"

Sherry:              "Why Are You Home?"

Grim:                "The Quiet Rebel"

Jeannelle:          "Pondering That"

Bomber:            "Thinkin' 'Bout Things"

Brenda:             "I May Not Always Be 
                          Right But I'm Never          

Rip City:          "Goodbye Please"  

Stepanie:         "Queen of Disclaimers"

Duke:               "The Only Stud on His Bike"

Pam:                 "Love of His Life"  (Pam 
                          had departed so Duke 
                          came up with this one.)

Smooth's attention span and boredom meter then expired so he was out in the garage looking at Bomber's toys.  Part of us followed him out after completing our parlor game prematurely.  

Rip City quickly found another Indian bike that closely resembled the one he has at home.  He was dashingly handsome as he tried it on for size.  

Others began to check out Bomber's rat rod that sat crouched under the lift that held the DeSoto.  Stephanie especially took notice and soon had Bomber behind the wheel to take her for a wild ride.

They were gone for hours but had to come back as the lights on the rat rod had vanished making it a very wild ride in the dark.

Finally, all of the participants had all the fun they could stand and began to fade into the night.  We were unable to figure out how to open the rear hatch on the fancy Cadillac that G-Man had just purchased for Sherry.  So instead, we decided to regale G-Man with all the "adventures" he was in for with his upcoming rotator cuff surgery.  With the proper amount of wet wipes, stool softener and arm restraints, G-Man should come through it just fine.

Special thanks for out to Bomber and Mrs. B for hosting this super groovy event at their crib.  The OGRES are so grateful for their generosity and for the great vibe their home provides.

A great time was had by all and Grim hated for the evening to end.