Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014 OMC Summer Run Report

Back row:  Duke, Gadget Man, Smooth, Rip City, and Krome
Front row: Guest, Grim, Big Easy and Bomber

The 2014 Summer Run began innocently enough.  Most of us met at the Eagle rendezvous and then we picked up Duke, Smooth and Rip City (and guest) at 44/30.  We then got on the the freeway, otherwise known as the Highway to Hell, and began a ride to LaGrande with a group of ten riders.  Yes, there are only nine intrepid bikers in the above photo but that is a story told later.

Grim After the Ride on the Interstate

I quickly found I do not possess the personality to ride in the back of the pack and I moved ahead of Big Easy and his guest (not shown above).  We rode up to Elgin where we stopped for lunch.  I decided to get hotel reservations at this time.  (It's a good thing as there was a Pacific Northwest HOG Rally in the Spokane Valley along with an Amway Convention).  We continued up through Walla Walla and Colfax "enjoying" strong crosswinds most of the way.  We finally arrived in Spokane and then rode in circles for a while, enjoying the scenery, until we found our hotel.  I got to go to Walmart as I had forgotten all my toiletries.  There was a coin challenge at the restaurant and Big Easy did not have his coin.  But he did point out that at least he remembered his toilet kit.

We got up the next morning and headed north towards Newport, Priest Lake and Sandpoint.  It was decided to forgo the extra up and back excursion to the actual Priest Lake and we headed on through Sandpoint.  We lost Big Easy's guest somewhere in here as he had other plans.  Someone commented that Big Easy had many friends to invite and Big Easy lamented that he did until they met the OGRES.  We continued down to Sandpoint and across the lake.  We arrived in Coeur d' Alene (CDA) after making it through a corridor where huge trees had been sheared off at the base.  The great force of nature was evident through this section.

We stopped in CDA and had lunch at JBs, the former home of the Big Boy.  The salad bar was great and the waitress was quite funny.  I had my usual fun making art of salad ingredients.

If you don't send me pictures then you get what you get.

We then continued through CDA and traveled along the east side of CDA Lake.  This was a great ride and we encountered almost a steady stream of Harleys going the other direction.  The rally must have made the CDA Lake loop part of the HOG Rally.  It was pretty cool.

We stopped in Harrison and laid on the grass for a bit while filling up on ice cream and sorbet.  We then headed out across some great rolling hills, twisty roads and multiple grades until we finally rolled into Orofino.  The view of Orofino was quite a shock for me having not been there before.  Since the town hosts a mental facility, a criminal detention facility and the high school mascot name if "the Maniacs, I expected a less than hospitable town.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The hotel we stayed in was great and Duke even landed the Honeymoon Suite.

After we rolled in and parked, we unloaded our bikes and checked in.  There were many other bikes of varying origins including five Harleys that were parked on the sidewalk right next to where we landed.  At one point, Rip City and I were out front by the bikes.  There were two stocky fellows also out by the bikes next to ours.  We struck up a conversations and, at one point, I asked Rip City where we had stayed the night before as my brain had ground to a stop.  Before Rip City could answer, the stocky fellow advised me that we had sojourned in Spokane.  I looked at him with my mouth agape wondering how he knew.  This fellow advised me he had perused the OGRES website and knew our itinerary.  Yeah, it was kinda weird.

We had dinner in a great restaurant that was right next door to the hotel.  I got the best filet mignon for 22 bucks that I can remember.

We discussed that some of the members liked picking up the tab and some could not afford to.  It was decided that those who wanted to pick up tabs on rides should do so and enjoy it.  Those who don't are not to feel beholden or bad if they do not.  Pick up the tab it you want to and have some fun with it and don't feel bad if you don't pick up a tab.  Capiche?

So we settled in with Rip City, Big Easy, Bomber, Gadget Man and myself hitting the pool and the Jacuzzi.  Boy, did that water feel great.  We never did find out who shared the big hot tub in the Honeymoon Suite.

We headed out in the morning and rode through some really nice country down to Grangeville where we stopped for a snack.  Then we rode on down to New Meadows where we stopped for lunch and the A & W.  That was an interesting lunch.  Fast food in a Mini Mart in a gas station.  Now I can say I've done it.

From this point on, I was leading and Rip City was in second slot.  I have reviewed many theories in my brain and have come up with some conjectures.  1)  Rip City thought I said keep a 32 second gap between bikes instead of a 2 second gap.  2)  Rip City was intimidated by riding behind such a super bitchin' rider and machine (me) that he did not want to get too close.  3)  Rip City was going through withdrawal from not riding his Yam a hah.  4)  They had installed a governor on Rip City's Indian so it would not go faster than 50 mph.  5)  Rip City did not take enough No Doz.

Anyway, no matter how fast or slow I went, Rip City stayed about a million miles behind me and the rest of the group behind him.  Finally, Bomber felt bad for me having to ride by myself and he passed Rip City and took second slot.  It was nice to ride with the group again.  (You know I love you, Rip City !)  Also, I didn't know Rip City was famous but decide he must be.  I saw sign after sign that said. "Watch for Rock".  I gotta get his autograph.

McCall and Cascade were very busy and took a bit to get through the traffic.  Horseshoe Bend was not too bad.  All the traffic was going north and not much south which was to our advantage.

We stopped in Banks for a short rest and then headed on down to Boise where we said our goodbyes at the Beacon Light Chevron.

Overall, it was a great ride and the association with the OGRES was, as usual, a superlative experience.  After missing card play and more socializing in the evenings, the President realized he was stupid to have started the days at 9 p.m. instead of earlier.  I should have started the rides earlier, as I was encouraged by smarter members, to allow more time in the evening.  In the future the distances per day will be shortened also.

Challenge to G-Man or any member:  Design a perfect three day ride with a cumulative distance of 800 miles for the three days.

It was our first all American ride and it was a blast.  Many thanks to all members for your contributions to memorable scootering.

(Did I tease Rip City too much in this one?  He is kinda thin skinned.  I apologize if I did.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OMC Meeting / Barbecue Change - Now September 20 at 5:30 P.M.

B and B

The OMC September Meeting / Barbecue will be held at Bomber's home on Saturday September 20th at 5:30 P.M.

This meeting is for OMC members and their spouses.

Prospects and guests are not invited.

Let Bomber know as soon as possible if you will be attending OR not so he can plan for the correct number of guests.  I will send his phone number and e-mail address in a private e-mail.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

OMC July 10 Meeting Report by G-Man

Last week's OGRES meeting was fun.  We were disappointed a bit that Rip had his new ride in for some new stuff.  We had a short meeting, talked about all of you who did not show...  And then headed over to Star for supper.  We got there in time to see them put the "closed" sign in the window (we must have looked old, gritty, mean and ornery...).   We then headed to the Sage Truck Stop diner in Caldwell.  They welcomed us and we ate a full meal.  Rip and Krome even had pie and ice cream afterward.  Then a quick ride home for Rip and the rest of us jumped on the Freeway and headed home.  Great evening.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

Rip City's Independence Day

Rip City and his new Indian Chieftain Faired Bagger

Rip City took delivery of the first Indian sold from the new Sawtooth Motorcycle Dealership (a subsidiary of High Desert Harley).  He has been liberated from the world of M&M (metric motorcycles) and a new age begins fittingly on Independence Day.  If you have not ridden on of these babies, you would not believe how smooth the 111 motor is.

Congratulations Rip City!