Sunday, September 22, 2013

OMC September 2013 Meeting Report

OMC members gathered at Duke's country villa with G-Man, as usual, showing up 35 fashionable minutes late.  Present:  Duke and Pam, Smooth and Pat, Big Easy and Kay, G-Man and Sherry, Rip City and Stephanie, and Grim showed up stag.  Not present:  Zeus, Krome and Bomber.

The repast was excellent with ribs, chicken, potatoes, watermelon and a plethora of pie choices.  G-Man brought some cake from Germany.  I was careful to try everything to thoroughly taste test everything.  I can report all was above excellent.

The patio was perfect for conversation and snappy repartee.  As usual, it was too easy to make fun of G-Man so I picked on Sherry when possible while also throwing a few jabs at Rip City.  After all, he does own scooters.

The childrens' playhouse, in the backyard, was so nice the meeting was almost held in there.  I did try out the trampoline but had eaten too much.

Huge thanks to Pam and Duke for having all the OGRES to their digs.  It was a great time.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

OMC 2013 Fall Run Report

Joseph, Oregon

The OMC 2013 Fall Run to Joseph, Oregon was completed on August 23rd and 24th.  Those members who joined in the maximum fun were:  Krome, G-Man, Rip "Kid Rock" City, Smooth, Grim and Big Easy's guest.  Yep, you read it correctly.  Big Easy came to the breakfast at the Garage Cafe and brought a guest.  Then Big Easy went home.  Yeah, I know.  Not present: Big Easy, Zeus, Bomber and Duke.

The ride started with a "light" breakfast at the Garage Cafe in Notus.  The Vice President reported that Bomber had "forgotten" his Harley in Twin Falls while working a deal on a new Street Glide.  The VP said Bomber was going to try to make it on his rice burner but the rear tire was bald.  Turns out the quest for a newly installed rear tire stalled and Bomber had to stay home.  As previously reported, Big Easy introduced his guest and then went home due to family matters.

The group headed north but only made it to Fruitland as G-Man wanted to stop and deliver greetings to his son, Nate, who was on duty at the paramedic station.  After the family reunion, we headed past Payette and up through Huntington.  Just before Huntington, the front of the group encountered two deer, one of which ran directly across the road in front of us.  However, we were vigilant and there were no mishaps.  However, about 200 yards further, there were some rocks in the road from the adjacent hill side.  Rip City was conscientious about pointing out a cantaloupe sized rock with his foot. Unfortunately, his depth perception was not at it's best and he kicked the rock like a football, whipping his leg back.  Rip "Rock" City managed to stay on his bike but he limped like Walter Brennan for the rest of the trip.

G-Man suggested a route through Medicine Cup (or City or Hat) and we took that route.  It turned out to be a fantastic stretch of curvy road through the tall pines along a river.  Very nice.

We stopped for lunch in Union and went to the restaurant recommended by a random lady we contacted next to a clapboard drive-in dive.  Instead, we went back up the road and dined at a different dive but a tier up from the other one.  And it was next to a Sterling, you know.

We continued on but I went left instead of right at the edge of town.  We should have gone to Cove which would have taken us far away from LaGrande.  And then I missed the turn on Pierce Road which would have achieved the aforementioned goal to a lesser degree.  But, no....I had to take us right through hot, nasty traffic in LaGrande.  Oh well, I was actually working to create more appreciation for the greatness of the rest of the route on the run.  Yeah, I know.

It was a very nice ride towards Enterprise even though both Krome and myself were stung in the face by a bee on this stretch.  No, it wasn't the same bee.  The ride into Joseph was other wise uneventful and we even gassed up in Enterprise to avoid the one hour gas up ordeal at the antiquated service station in Joseph.

The members then embarked on a foot tour and shopping spree in Joseph, Oregon.  The locals huddled in fear in their homes.  Several of us liberated very expensive cookies and chocolate at one of the stores.  The obligatory visit to the painted wall-tin store was made and we also spied a two speed bicycle that peddled backwards in second gear.  I wanted it.  Rip "Rock" City and I went to the outdoor wear store to possible purchase another "blue man" shirt but they no longer sold the shirt.  Bummer.  I was going to buy one also.  Yeah, I know.

Big Easy's guest, G-Man, Grim, Smooth, Krome and Rip "Rock" City

We then headed off for the obligatory ride to the far end of Wallowa Lake.  We went early enough to ride in the daylight and enjoy the lake.  We parked and spotted some folks trying to get a Ford pickup started.  We all pitched in and offered all the advice we had and eventually got the vehicle started.  Then we found a couple of teenagers who took pictures for us.

Back to town, we had our annual dinner at the Stubborn Mule.  The waitress was the same as last year and we waited a record time for our meals as she was the only one working the restaurant.  However, it was good food and great company.

There is a rumor that a card game occurred in Rip "Rock" City's room.  I am not sure what happened but my wallet was five bucks lighter the next morning.

Breakfast was had at the Cheyenne Cafe the next morning.  We loaded up and were on the road by 0830 hours.

The ride between Joseph and the Hell's Canyon Overlook was one of the best stretches of riding in recent memory.  Perfect temperature and speed along with almost no traffic was the menu for this part of the run.  We arrived to find the Overlook empty.

Big Easy's Guest and Rip City at Hell's Canyon

Smooth, Krome, G-Man and Rip City at Hell's Canyon

After enjoying the smoky view of Hell's Canyon we headed toward's the reservoir and lower climes.  The next stretch of road before we hit the main highway was pretty rough and full of potholes but the road department had circled each pothole with yellow paint making them a little easier to see among the shadows and road surface changes.  We made it to the little gas station located before the reservoir turn.

We stopped there to get treats and met several bicycle riders taking a break at the station.  Turns out they had started riding their touring bikes at Washington, D.C. on June 5th and there final destination was Florence, Oregon.  We asked a lot of questions and enjoyed the stories of their travels.  I was a little jealous.  G-Man used his usual suave charm and said, "You must not have jobs."  Slick.

We had a nice ride around the reservoir and down through the valley to Cambridge.  Again, it seemed like the nicest ride I had experienced through there.  Maybe passing up breakfast made my brain more clear.  Yeah, I know.

G-Man, Krome. Big Easy's guest, Smooth and Rip City

We lunched in Cambridge at Mrs. Gs Restaurant.  They immediately recognized us as the VIPs that we are and ensconced us in our own private dining room at a round table reminiscent of King Arthur's.  We ordered our food and some made use of the small salad bar.  During one of my trips to the salad bar, I spied homemade pies on the counter.  When we asked about the pies, the waitress said they were all for sale but the huckleberry pie.  She said that was her pie and she had paid for the huckleberries.  We offered her 50 bucks for it but she wouldn't budge, after only hesitating for a moment.  Rip City and I shared a piece of homemade peach pie.  Everyone else had chocolate cream pie.  The pieces were heaped with whipped cream and I can honestly say I have never seen a piece of pie as large as those.

We jumped back on our bikes and headed down towards Weiser.  We passed up our usual gas stop at the Sinclair in Cambridge.  The huckleberry waitress and informed us, when we inquired, that the Sinclair was closed due to a contentious divorce.  Many divorce jokes followed by members who are all still married.  At least G-Man had kept his apron strings tucked in for the whole trip.

After a gas stop in Weiser, we worked through several stops for road construction and eventually made it to Middleton.  Goodbyes were had and we all headed home.  As usual, the ride was not long enough.

In my humble opinion, this run ranks with the best thus far.  Many more will be had by the OGRES.  Thanks to everyone for making this run a very memorable. one.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

OMC September Meeting Tomorrow at Duke's at 6 p.m.


Just a reminder that the September meeting is tomorrow at the Sergeant at Arms' home at 6 p.m.

Be sure to arrive with your spouse.  Prospects and guests are NOT welcome.  See you there !