Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monthly Meeting On February 1st @ 6:30p.m.

Hopefully, the primary officers will finish up writing the charter and getting the invitations out to the prospective members.  More details to follow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alternative to Lil Joes

Fox Creek Leather Vest
This vest from Fox Creek Leather is a viable alternative to the Lil Joes vest.  It has a more traditional neck with laces on the side for expandibility and adjustability.  It looks like a pretty good vest and has gotten strong reviews.  It still has all the pockets of the Lil Joes vest in a more traditional style.  I personally like the greater coverage of the Lil Joes but that's me.  Here is the link:

Legendary Leather also has some nice vests but not with the breast pockets.    Here is the link:

All the club requires is that the vest is of adequate quality with the required patches in the right place.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally...But Well Worth the Wait

Lil Joes 4 Pocket Vest

My Lil Joes vest arrived last Friday but the door bell was not heard by anyone and USPS went on their merry way.  I had to wait all weekend to go and pick it up today.  I immediately opened the box and put the vest on.  Perfection.  Fit and finish are perfect.

I received the Lil Joes 4 pocket vest, black lining, no collar in 3Xlarge.  I am going to buy another one when I save up some money so I can have one plain and one with OGRES patches.  I'm glad I held out for the four pockets.  The workmanship is nonpareil.

I will show it off at the next Club meeting or I will be glad to get with you to show it to you or to help in getting one for you.  It is well worth the money and the time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide CVO

If I were old enough for a bagger, this one would be very tempting.  Custom Vehicle Operations Street Glide.  I really like the gloss black timing, transmission, rocker and primary covers on the engine and it has the 110 cubic incher.  Sweet...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pop Quiz

The color of the V.P.'s Road King is:

1.  Amethyst
2.  Lilac 
3.  Cobalt Blue
4.  Plum
5.  Missing something
6.  Needs washed
7.  None of the above
8.  Don't care...

Cabin Fever

It is getting worse by the day.  I am even dreaming, day and night, about getting the black beast out of the garage.  I have almost rode it a couple times in the last week in the deceiving weather but knew how cold it was from the patrols made at work on the bicycle.  This year is the worst.

I want to build a bike from the ground up some day.  I like this one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


There are so many things I still want to do to my Harley.  Black primary, timing and transmission covers.  Black forward controls.  525 cams.  The bike truly is just a down payment for the parts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Crybaby

I haven't received my Lil Joes Vest as of yet.  Hopefully it will ship soon and y'all can check it out.  To order, the following information is needed:

Measurement in inches around chest across nipples (Yes, Moonbush, I said nipples).

Measurement in inches around stomach across navel (belly button for those that live in Canyon County).

Rule of thumb:   Large 38" - 40"   XLarge 42" - 44"  2XLarge 46" - 48"  3XLarge  50" - 52".

Other rule of thumb:  Order one size larger than your t-shirt size.

These vests run small.  The 2XLarge was snug on me with only a t-shirt beneath.

I ordered a 3XLarge the second time.  Hopefully it will be here for the charter meeting on the 1st.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

My Lil Joes Vest

So I received a vest from Lil Joes Leather week before last.  It was too small.  Unfortunately, I was in one of my OCD attacks where my brain shuts down or I have tunnel vision.  I should have kept it to have Little Og or the V. P. try on.  But I sent it back.  Dumb.  Sorry.

Then it turned out they did not have the vest I wanted (four pocket, no collar, black lining 3Xlarge) in stock in my size.  They are also involved in moving their factory, et al, to a new location.  Other vendors I called confirmed this.  So I figured I would be waiting til April for my vest.

Today Mike, from Lil Joes, sent me an e-mail advising me he was going to have my vest made right away at the current factory.  One of the last ones to be made before the move.  I should have it by next week.

I will have it for "church" in February and all can check it out.  Unless you want to order now while Mike still has some stock.  Let me know and I will help.  There are also some other vendors to check for stock.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Constancy in a Sea of Change

I'm thinking the Club should sponsor three rides, for sure, every year.  Maybe, the Spring Run would be the first weekend in June every year.  An overnighter to Joseph, Oregon.

Then of course there would be the mid-summer Iron Butt ride.

Then a Fall Run on the last weekend in August.  An overnighter to Challis.

Same rides...Same routes...Same weekends every year.

Of course, these rides would only be a foundation to the plethora of rides and adventures to be enjoyed throughout the season.