Monday, September 14, 2020

OGRES MC September 2020 Meeting/Barbecue Report

G-Man, Rowdy, Rip City, Bomber, Smooth, Grim, Gundy and Duke

Sheri, Diane, Stephanie, Brenda, Pat, Jeannelle, Joy and Pam

The September Shindig started at the appointed time at Smooth and Pat's lovely country plantation. The weather was almost ideal and the setting was paradisiacal. 

OMC members present with their spouses: G-Man, Rowdy, Rip City, Bomber, Smooth, Grim, Gundy and Duke. OMC members absent: Slick and Krome.

The evening started with the traditional prerequisite photograph session and an opening prayer. 


The next order of business was the induction of Rowdy into the OGRES Motorcycle Club by Grim, Duke and G-Man. A vote was previously taken reference Rowdy's status and it was unanimous that Rowdy be offered full membership. It will be great to have Rowdy in the Club. Rowdy's better half, Diane, was also present and we look forward to getting to know her.

At this point, dinner was served and everyone enjoyed the great barbecue pulled pork, sausages, potatoes and salad. G-Man and Rip City were ecstatic when Pat and Smooth brought out the ice cream and cake along with chocolate syrup!

The conversation and company was superb and many also enjoyed tours of the plantation and also interacting with the pet bunny rabbits.

Special thanks to Pat and Smooth for hosting this year's events. It is always a special treat to have the meeting at their lovely and inviting estate. The food was perfect and the setting sublime.

Rowdy's First Official Photo as a Member

The VP's New Plate for his Road Glide Ultra