Monday, January 28, 2013

Prospect Qualification Reminder

Harley Davidson Street Glide

Victory Cross Country

According to the OMC By-Laws, OMC prospects must CURRENTLY own a motorcycle manufactured by a North American owned company.  Simply stated the prospect must own a Harley-Davidson or Victory motorcycle.   I am belaboring this point to keep from wasting anyone's time with a prospect that does not meet the above criteria.  We do have one member that is grandfathered in exception to this requirement but only with his current bike.  No more exceptions will be made.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

OGRES Challenge Coin Update



I checked with the vendor about the cost of ordering different quantities.  The cost of ordering 25 is more than if we ordered fifty.  The manufacturer asks a surcharge of $6 a coin for any quantities under 50.  They charge this due to the cost of changing out the massive dies and equipment when setting up for a new order.

Hence, the quantity of 50 would be the least we would want to order.  What I heard at the January meeting was everyone was pretty much happy with the challenge coins we were using and this was more a "nice to have" and not a "need to have".

I am good with that as I like the coin(s) we are currently using also but I wanted to throw this out for y'all to think about for the OMC meeting on March 7th.

Sorry I missed you for the Stampede game.  I was stuck in the airport at SLC waiting for a plane to come in from Denver for my last leg to Boise.  I know I missed a really great time.

Yeah, I know.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stampede Basketball in the OGRE'S Backyard

Rip City:  Guest Blogger

(Disclaimer:  This blog post was entirely created and written by Rip City of Yamaha Fame.  The usual blogger, Grim, takes no responsibility or credit for the following content.)

A typical wonderful  gathering of the OGRES.  Again the Duke comes through with an opportunity to be enjoyed.  He bought an auction item being  the pent-house suite at the Century Link Arena.  It came complete with food and drink, personal services and even a few lovely ladies (spouses).
One the way there...rumblings of:  Where?...Isn’t that Taco Bell Arena...Where do we get the tickets?...Where’s the best place to park?...Who is this guy and where do we see him to get the tickets.  Your name sir?  Mayes Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Me Mayes...We have no tickets for a Mayes….Retort! Nicolayson#$*!  Oh...Mr. Nicolayson...Well Mr. Mayes here are your tickets to Suite 107.  I look at my wife to confirm that I am a big guy ‘cause I know the Duke.  There inside waiting just like a father figure was the Duke.  One by one OGRES rolled in:  some came stag...others came with their Ogrette (soon to get nicknames). Where’s our leader?

He’s on his way!  G-Man and Cherri;  Smooth and Pat, Bomber flew in solo, Big Easy and Kay, Krome and Sonja,  Rip and Stephanie  made up an OGRES quorum.  Where’s Grim?  He’s flying in from Salt Lake, he’s coming.  Meanwhile: meat balls, hot wings , veggies, beverages galore.  Hey has the game started?

What game?  Mmmmmmm    “Rip hand me those binoculars”.  I think he is looking at the cheerleaders!  He is looking at the cheerleaders.   Hey hand those back I want to see the game.  Yeah sure both teams are taking a time out.  No I am just looking for people I know.   Down on the court?

Hey where in the heck is Grim??????    Duke finally comes clean.  Guys the man is delayed en route and will not make it!  OGRES groan together Rip says, "Hey pass the meatballs!"  Smooth is piling up the quadruple chocolate on chocolate, chocolate dessert masterpiece.    Big Easy is in a fog…what game?  Krome and Sonja (hard core basketball fans ) watch the whole 3 hours of basketball, while inviting Rip & Co. to dinner as Big Easy talks with the ladies and wolfs down the leftovers.   G-Man planned rides and made excuses for riding on bald tires.  Bomber missed his squeeze but mostly polished off the beverages  and drowned his sorrows for not being the president’s perfect OGRES pet.  CAUSE HE MISSED THE LAST MEETING!  I say Bomber it feels good doesn’t to be a little radical!  He agrees and says,  “ Next ride I am going to ride my SUZUKI!   I’ll show Mr. Grim just how bad I can be.  Of Course RIP Yamaha loves company. 

Ladies start to flock together .  Who knows what they are talking about.  But it is serious cause not even Big Easy can get their attention.  That’s big cause Big Easy can tell a story to an auctioneer while he is working!  Duke’s squeeze stayed home cause she wanted some time alone not to talk Boy Scouts.  Duke said she was packing to leave the next day.  OGRES ask?  R U goen widr.

Buzzer!!!!!!!!!!  Fire Alarm?  No you idiot the game is over!  Game……………………….? Oh yeah they’re sure not very good.  I think the cheer leaders could beat those guys.   Smooth by now has all the chocolate desserts piled high to snarf up and take home.  Is the only food this guy gets at OGRES events or is it cause Hostess is going out of business and he is low on his meds?

Wow!  Duke thanks.  When’s  the next Taco Bell event?  Oh hey let’s save that meatball for Grim!  

By Rip City

Friday, January 18, 2013

OMC January 3rd Meeting Report

Bomber Missed His First OMC Event but I Wouldn't Mention It

The OMC January 3rd Meeting was held at the Clubhouse A at 7 p.m.  Present: Duke, Smooth, Krome, Grim, G-Man and Rip City.  Absent: Bomber (excused), Zeus (excused)  and Big Easy (unexcused, although Big Easy said he was bringing an alleged prospect).  Quiz:  Who is flakier ?.....G-Man, Big Easy, Krome or me....Never mind.

The three OMC sanctioned runs were reviewed and discussed.  Members in good standing were reminded that at least one run per year must be COMPLETED to maintain good standing in the Club.  Members in good standing were also reminded that 5 of the 6 meetings must be attended every year, unless excused, to maintain good standing in the Club.  One unexcused absence per year is the limit.

Krome has to do at least two runs this year to get off probation for missing all runs last year.  He said he is riding all three...!!!  That's why Krome is so Kool.

The yearly $25 dollar dues were paid by all except Bomber and Big Easy.  If you don't know my address to send the payment by January 30th, let me know and I will send the Sergeant at Arms to collect.  Or contact me and I will send you the address.

The meeting quiz was for G-Man to try to figure out why the number 15 is the OMC's official number. Many clues were wasted before we gave up and just told him.  I think having his rice burner in the Clubhouse upset the aura and Harley spirits usually present therefore affecting his brain.  Okay...maybe not.

Many new "15" patches were grabbed up.  Remember they can be worn "undercover" on other vests to represent quietly when preferred.  This patch is required for your official cut(s).  Remember also the only patch that can be on the center back or upper back of the cut is the main club crown patch.  Any questions, check out the OMC Club Charter on the official OMC website.

Huge and grateful kudos for Duke for fronting the money to be able to purchase all the OGRES patches.  We would not have a Club at all without Duke's generosity.  He is a fine and treasured friend.

The Duke is also the only person, not a cop, who is an honorary member of the Boise Police Association.  Thanks Duke.

Yeah...we have an Official OMC Website with information on all the Runs and meetings:

Is this report long enough...?

A long awaited 1000 mile Iron Butt Run was set for June 28th and 29th.  This ride is an extra ride and does not take the place of any of the other three runs needed to maintain good standing in the OMC.  It is open to anybody or everybody invited by an OMC member in good standing.  I sorta was scared of this ride the first year but it has easily turned into one of my favorite rides.  I love this ride.  Rip City is great entertainment during the stretch by the Tri Cities.  I just hope that cute chick who thought I was John Travolta from "Wild Pigs" is at the convenience store in Missoula again.  She is so perceptive.

Lastly, Rip City brought his tech envy instrument and everyone fondled it.  Hey, it was a rifle.  Nice.  Daniel Defense's best.  Bought just in time before "Barack Goes Bonkers".  Soon to come out as a movie.

Then G-Man did some car sales but that's another blog entry.

I am sure more important philosophical wisdom and witty entendre was exchanged but if you weren't there you missed out because some genius cannot be reconstructed.

The funniest stuff was when Rip City was the only one to not answer the challenge coin challenge.  The upcoming beverages he is buying will taste especially good.

If I did not offend at least one member in doing this report, maybe Rip City can make up for it in his upcoming report on the OGRES Night at the Idaho Stampede coming your way soon.

Brian Guthrie and Alex Klokke are no longer prospects for the OGRES MC.  They can be invited for any of the runs or rides but are not welcome at the meetings.  Alex will be reconsidered when he actually buys a Harley.  Brian has basically removed himself from consideration by his absence and silence.

Was this report long enough ?  I needed one more sentence to break the Guinnesss Book of Records for the longest OMC Meeting Report.  Or maybe I drank the most Guinness to be able to write this report.

Yeah, I know.  Holy crap, Frank.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iron Butt 2013 June 28 and 29

Iron Butt 2010

Yes, it's true.  We haven't had a 1000 mile Iron Butt ride since 2010 (see picture) on the traditional route designed by G-Man eons ago.

Hence, there will be an 1000 mile Iron Butt Ride on June 28 and 29.  The ride will start at the Chevron at Gowen/I-84 at 0600 hrs. (6 a.m.).  Promptly. 

This is not an OMC sanctioned ride nor does it take the place of the three OMC sanctioned rides.  Anybody and everybody is welcome.

The route is Boise - Pocatello - Idaho Falls - Missoula - Kellogg - Spokane - Ritzville - Tri Cities - Pendleton.  This loop is 1013 miles.  The entire ride is on the freeway but it is a very nice ride once we get past Idaho Falls. 

If you have an alternate route, bring your idea to the March meeting for discussion.

We will spend the night in Pendleton.  If you want to make reservations, you need to do this individually.

The second day will be a leisurely ride back through the Blue Mountains along the backroads.  Very nice.  We usually leave Pendleton about 0900 hrs. (9 a.m.).

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Summer Ride Lodging Alert

The OMC sanctioned summer ride is July 19th and 20th.  Rip City and I called Billingsley Creek Lodge for our reservations and found out there is limited space at the Lodge for the evening of the 19th.  There are families reserved to stay in the old motel part and so only the cabins are available.  Rip and I have already made our reservations.  As of this writing, there were three cabins left.  I would grab one.  If they run out, you will need to make your reservation at the Hagerman Valley Inn.  More info:

They will NOT let you pitch a tent at the Lodge.  There is a campground a mile away if you want to do that.

Call Grim if you have any questions.

Friday, January 4, 2013

OGRES Night at the Idaho Stampede January 11th

It's OGRES night at the Idaho Stampede at CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise.  The game is at 7 p.m. on Friday January 11th.  All OGRES members and their spouses are invited.  Maximum fun.  RSVP with the Duke.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meeting Today January 3 at 7 PM



Our first mandatory OMC meeting on 2013 will be today on January 3rd.  It will be held at the Clubhouse at 7 p.m.  All members in good standing and prospects are invited.  Guests are not welcome.

Come hungry as there will be food and drink.

Please bring your yearly dues of $25 to the meeting.  There is also a new "must have" patch for everyone to acquire for their cut.  These are $10 each.  Complete patch sets for cuts are now $65.  The new "15" patch is included in that price.  I will bring all patches to the meeting.

We will also be discussing a possible new challenge coin (shown above).  There are other topics on the table 

If you can't make it, make sure you let on of the primary officers know.

We have many maximum fun things to hash over.