Sunday, June 5, 2011

Change In Venue for OMC Summer Run

Billingsley Creek Lodge
Miracle Hot Springs

The OMC Summer Run will still be on July 15 and 16, 2011.  The venue has changed.  As I was following the tow truck, carrying Bomber's bike from Baker City-ish to Boise, I had an epiphany about how much fun I had enjoyed the last two days and how I did not think about work and stuff at all.  This sentiment was shared by all 7 club members who made the ride.

The Iron Butt ride we had planned for the OMC Summer Run was cool but not as conducive to socializing, inviting prospects and just plain hanging with the club guys.  We will still try to do an Iron Butt ride but it won't be one of the three annual OMC sponsored runs.

So, here is the new OMC Summer Run:

We will leave the Chevron, at Highway 55/Beacon Light, no later than 7 a.m. on Friday July 15th.  We will go through Banks - Lowman - Stanley - Ketchum - Bellevue - Shoshone - Twin Falls - Buhl and end at Hagerman.  Google Maps says this ride is 317 miles long and should take 7 hours and 22 minutes.  The lunch stop will be decided on the way.

We will be staying at Billingsley Creek Lodge (208-837-4822) or the Hagerman Valley Inn (208-837-6196).  They are only about a mile apart.  There are two rooms/cottages left at Billingsley Creek Lodge.    You can camp out at Billingsley Creek Lodge.

When Billingsley runs out of the two rooms, the remainder of the party will stay at the Hagerman Valley Inn.  It is very nice and right next to the Snake River Grill where we will dine Friday night and have breakfast Saturday morning.  It is a very nice restaurant.

That evening we can soak in the natural hot Artesian Mineral Water at Miracle Hot Springs or 1000 Springs Resort.  We can decide when we get to Hagerman.

Saturday morning we will leave at a time designated by the Road Captain after having breakfast at the Snake River Grill.  We will then travel Hagerman - Bliss - Glenns Ferry - Mountain Home - Grand View - Murphy - Marsing - Homedale - Payette - Emmett and back to Boise.  We could stop at Givens Hot Springs, between Walter's Ferry and Marsing for another soak.  Google maps says this portion is 247 miles and should take about 5 hours and 16 minutes.

So there you have it.  Cancel your reservations in Coeur d' Alene and make them in Hagerman, Idaho instead.  Each member is responsible for making their own reservations.  I would make them right away.  This ride is only open to OGRES MC members and whoever they invite.

I have reserved the largest cottage at Billingsley Creek Lodge for socializing, card playing or whatever comes our way.  We can also hang out next to the Creek.  It is very beautiful.

More information will be covered at the mandatory Club meeting on July 7th at 6 pm.  Please note that change in time.  Six p.m.

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