Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMC 2011 Summer Run Report

G-Man, Grim, Smooth, Big Easy, Rip City, the Duke and Bomber

 The Club left town somewhat belatedly as, well you know who, showed up late.  But not last, as Big Easy was the last to arrive for departure.   It was a nice cruise up to Ketchum where The Kneadery was graced by our appearance at lunch time.  Most had breakfast and one had really, really, really crispy hash browns.  We continued down to Twin Falls where the motley crew went to Shoshone Falls and Snake Harley while the Prez tended to some family matters in Buhl.

We eventually arrived in Hagerman and had a great meal, although they were out of the Catfish Special.  We retired at Billingsley Creek Lodge and there was a short poker game where Grim and Rip City took Smooth for $2.50.

After breakfast, the crew headed for Grand View via King Hill, Hammett and Bruneau.  A great ride with great swooping curves.  We stopped in Grand View for a lackluster lunch and headed to Givens Hot Springs where the soak was greatly welcomed.  Rip City took the lead in Marsing and did an great job leading the crew into Caldwell where we stopped and checked out his bitchin' scooters and met his lovely bride.

Then on into Boise with everyone splitting off into different directions.  G-Man and I took the Massacre Loop into town and were welcomed by a light rain that felt really good after the long, hot day.

Can't wait until the Fall Run to Challis.  Chrome Pickle is picking up the tab for the  catered dinner at the Challis Hot Springs furnished by Gretchen.

'Nuff said.  Check out the pictures in the gallery on the OMC website.  If someone has more pictures, please send them.

(Parts of the story may not be true, but what good is truth if it's boring.)

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