Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OMC Spring Run 2011 Report

Grim, Big Easy, Smooth, Cody, Zeus, G-Man, Bomber

The run started off with 11 total riders.  G-Man, Bomber, Grim, Smooth, Big Easy, Zeus and son (Cody), Duke and his three guests.  Krome Pickle and Rip City were absent.  We rode to the Highway 93/75 Junction where Duke and his guests parted ways with the main group. 

The OMC ride continued to lunch at Pickles in Arco where Smooth kicked a 90 year old lady off our table.  After that near fracas,  lunch was uneventful and Smooth and G Man ate their tuna melts (!?!?) in relative peace.  It was thought a fight was going to break out when the waitress took Smooth's Coke but it was averted when the Coke was returned intact.

The OMC continued on to Challis Hot Springs where we were met by Gretchen.  The race for the best rooms began although it was not much of a race as all the rooms are great.  A great soak in the Hot Springs was enjoyed by all until the dinner bell rang. 

Gretchen put on a heck of a dinner for us (thanks to Krome Pickle) and we were almost too full to get up from the table.  Big Easy, G-Man and Grim were kicked out of the pool when it closed and everyone else had retired.

Gretchen outdid herself serving us a bitchin' breakfast but Bomber was the only one with forward thinking taking one of her excellent banana muffins to eat on the road.  The ride from Challis to Stanley was as great as usual.

The OMC continued past Lowman headed for Crouch.  As we rode between the two towns, a rather large Mexican passed us going the other way waving his hand over his hand like he had a lasso.  We soon found out his intent as we came up the tail pipe of the Idaho State Patrol.  The trooper did the 40 mile speed limit with us in tow for quite some time until he turned on some guy driving a cage in the other direction.  We picked it up a little after that.

Lunch was in Crouch where we found ourselves in the middle of an unknown motorcycle rally.  The town was full of bikes which explained why three ISP (remind me to tell you what ISP really means) troopers were also in town.  We had lunch but were unable to find the motorcycle show, wet t-shirt contest or rodeo.  However, Big Easy and G-Man did win the Two Man Motorcycle Lift.

We continued on to Boise where we all went our separate ways.  It was a great ride with great guys.

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