Thursday, October 6, 2011

OMC September 22nd Meeting Report

Mrs. Rip City, Rip City, Bomber, Mrs. Bomber, Mrs. Smooth, Grim, Smooth,
Big Easy, Mrs. G-Man and G-Man
(left to right)

The meeting was held at Bomber's "little shack" up on the mountain.   Actually, I became lost in the vastness of the Bomber's estate and had to be rescued several times.  The food and company was excellent and G-Man had gory pictures of a motorcycle wreck and regaled the spouses with the details (Gee thanks, G-Man).  Due to the great success and fun had by those in attendance, this will be an annual event for the September Meeting.  We will take turns hosting the barbeque every September as kind of an end of season special event.  Thanks to Bomber and Mrs. Bomber for hosting the event and spoiling us with all the great food and ambience.

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