Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OMC March Meeting Report

OGRES MC Guideline #34

The meeting was held at the Clubhouse at 7 p.m.  Present: Krome Pickle, Rip City, Zeus, Grim, Bomber, Smooth and G Man.  Absent: Big Easy and the Duke.  Big Easy...Where are you...???

The philosophy of the three OMC Runs was rediscussed and clarified concerning the mission and purpose for the three rides.  All those present actually got on the phone and called Challis Hot Springs for the OMC Spring Run and Billingsley Creek Lodge for the OMC Summer Run. 

There is one room left at Challis Hot Springs for the OMC Spring Run.  I am not sure about Billingsley Creek for the OMC Summer Run.  If you don't have a reservation at one or the other I would call right away.  It also wouldn't hurt to get your reservation in at the Indian Lodge Motel for the OMC Fall Run right now.

The OMC Run dates, times and details are on the website for your reference.

We had a great time after the food finally arrived (Sorry Krome...Didn't know you had to leave.  Get with me for that patch-set I didn't get to you).  It was a screw-up on the Prez....long story.  Thanks to Zeus for the bitchin' tacos...!!!  I know how you got your nickname for sure.

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