Sunday, September 30, 2012

OMC September 14th Meeting Report

(left to right front row) Alex, Big Easy, Bomber, Grim, Duke, Rip City, Smooth and G-Man
(left to right back row) Kay, Brenda, Jeannelle, Pam, Stephanie, Pat and Sherry
(not shown) Claudia the photographer - Thanks!

The meeting was held at Pat and Smooth's palatial estate out in the boonies.  It was a perfect night and the setting could not have been nicer.  We got to check out Smooth's railroad and several members rode the "zip line".  We were all shocked when G-Man was the last to arrive.  He did, however, manage to lock his keys in his cage.

Grim and Duke received "points" for wearing their cuts.  Big Easy and Kay were the baddest as they arrived via Electra Glide instead of a cage.

Thanks to Pat and Smooth for sharing the great good and their fantastic home for the OGRES annual barbecue.

Kudos to whoever can decipher Grim's "gang" sign.

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