Saturday, November 9, 2013

OMC November 2013 Meeting Report

Smooth and Big Easy

Rip (Rock) and Bomber (Opie)

The OMC November meeting was held as scheduled.  Present:  G-Man (Scarecrow), Duke, Bomber (Opie), Grim, Smooth, Big Easy and Rip City (Rock).  Absent: Zeus and Krome.

Bomber (I added Opie because Bomber looks just like Opie from the "Sons of Anarchy" television show in the above picture) arrived on his newly pinstriped Street Glide.  Super bitchin' bike.  Can't wait to see it on the road.

Members first enjoyed a splendid repast of pizza, soda and cinnamon sticks while exchanging stories, verbal jabs and general exaggerations.  There was also show and tell concerning very important motorcycle accessories.  Rip City and I need to hit the range until he is comfortable with "cocked and locked".

Members discussed the procedure to displace the Summer Run.  Anyone can present a written plan to the primary officers for approval.  The one main condition is that the ride or ride schedule cannot exclude any OMC member by design.  See the Events Section on the OMC website for what is required for this ride design.

Members also discussed a Route 66 two week ride for this coming summer.  Possible time frames are the first part of July or August.

A plan was also set for a Veteran's Day ride on Monday.  A separate email was sent to all OMC members with the details.  See you there. came up with several ideas about Summer Run replacement rides.  Can't wait to see them on paper.

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