Friday, February 7, 2014

OGRES Night at the Stampede or How the OMC Supported Breast Cancer Awareness Report

Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the Idaho Stampede

The OMC event, hosted by Duke, went off almost without a hitch on January 31st at the Idaho Stampede game.  Present:  G-Man (Scarecrow), Duke, Big Easy, Bomber, Smooth, Grim and Rip City (Kid Rock).  All spouses were also present except for Grim's spouse who was home ill.

It was Breast Cancer Awareness Night and the Stampede players wore pink.  The game worn jerseys were auctioned for the cause.

Grim only had to spend 45 minutes in the lobby waiting for OMC members, per his e-mail instructions, to get tickets and directions to the suite.  No one came through the lobby but I was working anyway so cooling my heels in the lobby was not big deal.  Right.  I won't fall for that again.

The food and company was delightful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We also finally did figure out why Rip City's hair was so fluffy.  TMI.

G-Man has managed to expand his plan for a 3 day ride, to supplant the Summer Run, into a 4 day ride.  I will be asking him to come up with a true 3 day ride, in addition to the aforementioned 4 day ride, for the OMC's consideration at our regular meeting in March.

Yeah, I know.

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