Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OGRES Garage Party aka OMC September Meeting

Back Row: Bomber, G-Man, Rip City, Big Easy, Smooth, Grim and Duke
Front Row: Brenda, Sherry, Stephanie, Kay, Pat and Jeannelle

Members gathered at Bomber and Bomber's Babe's (BB) crib Friday day with the weather cooperating beautifully.  Present:  Bomber, G-Man, Rip City, Big Easy, Smooth, Grim and Duke.  Not present: Krome and Zeus.

Duke gets high marks for being the only OMC member that showed up on his Harley.  All had challenge coins for the challenge except Rip City.  This made easy choosing the member who offered the blessing and prayer.

After initial greetings, we were ushered into the garage where delicious hors d'oeuvres were awaiting.  After munching on those a bit, we all sat down for the meal orchestrated by BB.  The room was appropriately decorated in Harley-Davidson colors.  No Indian colors but that was okay as Rip City showed up wearing the aforementioned colors.  The food was top notch and I would go into more detail but I can't spell the names of the dishes.

We have often remarked how unusual it is for the all members of the OMC to really get along with each other.  It is even more remarkable all the wives also get along so well.

After eating the fine repast in the hallowed orange and black hall, the assemblage moved to the sumptuous patio.  Photos were taken and dessert was served.  The dessert was also delicious and it was noticed that most tried both the chocolate pecan pie and the torte.

Three mule deer showed up in the grass while the group was conversating.  Yeah, it might be a word. I was suddenly hungry for venison but BB was not keen on shooting family so I put my gat away.  After staring at us for a while, the white tails went on their way after eating their fill of bird seed.

Thanks to Bomber and Brenda for opening their home to a bunch of OGRES and facilitating such a great evening.  Brenda had special gifts for the girls and they went home happy.  The Prez was last to leave as I hated to end such a great evening.

See you in November.  Or sooner.

Oh.  And it is not easy to guess what brand of bike Rip City rides.  Although he has plenty of nicknames,  He Who Kicks Rocks was the hit of the party.

Rip City aka He Who Kicks Rocks

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