Thursday, March 26, 2015

OMC Meeting Report March 5, 2105

Present:  G-Man, Smooth, Rip City, Grim, Big Easy and Bomber.  Not present:  Zeus, Duke (sick) and Krome (bogus excuse according to G-Man).

It's been a while since the meeting and I have been out of town doing business in Kansas City.  I do remember Rip City poking the buffalo again when he tried to move in on Grim's room in Challis for the Spring Ride.  I am not sure how that will play out but we may find out what at .45 round does to a person with no meat on his bones.

We did discuss our OMC sign that is still allegedly in progress.  Below are a couple of prototypes:

I prefer the one on the right but with motoRcycle spelled properly.  G-Man is in charge of this project.

Rip City and Bomber were in the lead for most pieces of pizza eaten.  I don't recall who won that contest.

Grim and Bomber rode their bikes.  Rip City was showing off his new brown cut.  He and Big Easy are even closer than ever.

That's all I got.  I am sure I missed stuff.  Get your reservations in for the three rides this season.

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  1. Rip thinks it is so funny for a skinny kid to rough up the buffalo. Yes I did eat the most pizza as a pizza sandwich, Yes Big Easy and I are wondering how to make brown babies!