Tuesday, July 7, 2015

OMC July Meeting Report

Simpler Times

OMC members present:  Rip City, G-Man, Big Easy, Bomber, Grim and Smooth.  Absent:  Krome, Zeus and Duke.

Attending members met at the Clubhouse at the appointed time.  We rode over to Rudys and enjoyed a great meal served by the cutest waitress in the house.  We made a point to say mean things about all the missing members and came up with a new nick-name for Krome.  It will be unveiled at a later date.

Just for the record, Smooth came clear down off of the top of Tamarack Mountain just to make the meeting.  'Nuff said.


We then jumped on our bikes and rode over the TCBY and enjoyed a frosty yogurt while talking about rides awaiting our presence down the road and nailing down the summer ride.  There was also a very sharp example of motorcycle parking and such.

See you next at the Summer Run.  If you haven't made your reservations in Orofino and Salmon, you may want to get your ass(ets) in gear.

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