Sunday, November 8, 2015

OMC November 2015 Meeting Report

The OMC November meeting was held as planned at the Clubhouse on Fairview.  Present: Duke, G-Man, Big Easy, Rip City, Smooth, Bomber and Grim.  Not present: Zeus and Krome.

Duke had brought Taco Bell and eating the boxes of tacos and burritos was high priority on the agenda.  I go loco for the Doritos tacos.  A few new shooting toys were displayed and Rip City was checked for status on being cocked and locked.

Much trash talk was flying about Krome as he was not present and it is very important to talk trash about those who don't attend the mandatory meetings and instead are in the home state of Slick Willy and Hillary Clinton.  We realized that Krome would have had perfect attendance this year except he did attend one event.....the January meeting.  A special t-shirt is planned for presentation to Krome.

The updates to the by-laws were covered along with discussion about sections that were not changed. It was unclear if this viewing was in fact the first by some of the members.  The most important changes were that members are now to vote on most of the changes in the club membership and such.  Formal copies will be brought to the January meetings.  An appendix was added clearly outlining guidelines for prospects and guests.

The suggestion was made that we start to meet on a monthly rather than a bi-monthly basis.  Odd months would stay the same as in the past but the added meetings in the even months would be purely social with the OMC members meeting for dinner at local restaurants and grills.  This topic will be reopened after the holidays at the January meeting and formalized if all OMC members are on board.  More discussion is needed on this topic.

Information about an Enhanced Plus CCW class was passed on the the group.  A NRA instructor (retired BPD) would put on the 10 hour class for $250 per person.  It would include classroom, range, and physical self defense including how to protect the home.  Grim is to send out a couple of choices for dates for this training.  Enthusiasm seemed low so I can't forecast if this will happen.

Door prizes were drawn for and some of the members left with cool booty.  Funny how Bomber drew his number first.

Grim did not wear the most expensive hat to the meeting but it was the best looking.  Keep the rubber side down and see you next meeting.


  1. Just wanted to say I always love reading your ride and meeting reports. When I see them in the inbox they are the first thing I go for. Thanks.
    Also, I got to hug your sweet wife today. She is awesome.

  2. I like my hat on my head I like your hat on your head