Friday, May 6, 2016

OMC May 2016 Meeting Report

Grim, Rip City, Bomber, Duke, G-Man and Krome

The meeting was convened at the appointed time and the appointed place.  Present: Bomber, Grim, Duke, Rip City, G-Man and Krome.  Absent: Big Easy, Zeus and Smooth.

We met at the Clubhouse, for a bit, and discussed the Spring Ride to Challis.  Members were reminded the ride has been moved to the second week of June to avoid continuing conflicts with the previous scheduling.  The following was posted on Facebook on April 24th:

Our Challis Hot Springs family would like to thank Mike, Shana and their boys for their hard work and dedication. They have moved on from theChallis Hot Springs to enjoy time with their boys and a new beginning on their 50 acres in the Challis area. They leave some very big shoes to fill.
The Challis Hot Springs, Inc. Campground and B&B are now managed by the wife and husband team of Chris & Bill Freelove. Chris recently retired from UPS and Bill has since come out of retirement from Intermountain Gas Company to assume the duties as the Pool Boy. They and their 3 dogs are now resident managers of the facility. They look forward to providing the same family-friendly environment that all past guests have enjoyed.
So welcome Chris and Bill!

I have been in contact with the ownership and have been advised dinner arrangements should be like years past where we have dinner on site.  I will update you as I get details.

After a short discussion, we walked over the the Sockeye Grill and found our way to "our table".  The conversation, food and camaraderie were all delightful and we all were thankful no one was hurt during the fight over the check.  Duke and Krome were unscathed but the waiter may need counseling.

Rip City was nodding off, almost falling from his chair, after a hard day in the mines so the meeting was concluded with a challenge coin check.


  1. Smooth is ill. Trust me you don't want me there. If a need a note from Mrs. Smooth, let me know.

  2. Your posts must be read before eating and pooping. Out of respect !
    Rip city cup in rips office so cool