Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 2016 OMC Meeting Report

The meeting convened, as scheduled, at the Clubhouse.  Present: Krome, Bomber, Rip City, Duke, G-Man and Grim.  Absent: Smooth, Big Easy and Zeus.

Matters of business and the state of the OMC were discussed.  It was mentioned there were not many rooms left in Orofino so phones calls were in order for those without reservations.  Many national problems were solved. We quickly realized how hungry we were and got on our bikes and headed over to Rudy's for food.

The round table was free and we lucked out and were given a waitperson that could/would put up with our collective crap especially Rip City's diatribe and demands.  My only complaint was that I ordered before being informed that Duke was covering the tab.  Dang it.

We talked a lot of trash about the members who were absent and did our best to keep Rip City awake.  Bomber made a splendid suggestion about turning the OGRES into a car club when we were too old and decrepit to ride two wheelers.  We reiterated our lack of desire to keep the Club running or to create a legacy.  Our goal is to have maximum fun for current members without worrying about the continuity of the OMC.

After ice cream and cake, we headed our separate ways looking forward to the Summer Run.  See you then.

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  1. I am not a diatribe I am Cherokee.
    Do you think really really really really really anything is Demanding!!!!!!!!
    little rip