Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Year's Day OMC Breakfast Report

It was a cold, snowy wintery day when intrepid OMC members braved the arctic elements to meet for a delightful breakfast repast.  Present:  Bomber, Grim, Smooth and G-Man.  Absent: Krome, Duke and Rip City.

I couldn't resist the Marion berry pancakes but neither could Bomber and G-Man.  The food was excellent and so was the conversation.

It was decided we should produce a new hit television show called "Motorcycle Pickers" and model it much like "American Pickers" but with only motorcycle related items.  And then we would sell them on eBay along with Air Jordans and old telephone mouthpiece items. We are all gonna be rich except for those members who were absent.

A heated discussion almost started up about ride guests but it was put to rest until Thursday.  We talked trash about all the members who weren't there, as per past tradition.  We did miss greatly everyone who could not be there.

Happy 2017 and we all look forward to a great OGRES riding season.  

'Nuff said.

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