Friday, April 7, 2017

OMC April 2017 Social Report

Rip City, Grim and Gundy

The intrepid OMC members met at the appointed place and time for the Social.  Present: Rip City, Gundy and Grim.  Absent: Duke, G-Man, Bomber, Krome and Smooth.  

We climbed aboard our two wheeled steeds and took the Massacre Park loop along Joplin and Lincoln roads, taking the long way to Middleton.  We stopped at the Sunrise Cafe in Middleton for some food.  

The waitress took our order and Gundy managed to fend her off about her willingness to go for a ride on his Harley.  Our salads came and Rip City ate Gundy's salad to show him how OGRES treat new members.  The meal was the usual small town cafe fare and Rip City finished his meal with his usual ice cream.  I enjoyed the cornbread with honey and butter.

A couple of gentleman sat next to us and gave us the eyeball.  Rip City adroitly hopped up and introduced himself.  Turns out one of them was an Iron Warrior and the other was a Sober Rider.  We told told them they weren't badass enough to be in the OMC and a fight almost broke out.  Okay, not really.  We actually had a nice conversation with them and cracked some jokes and told some lies.

Darkness fell like a thick curtain and the loyal and bold headed home into the night.

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