Monday, September 18, 2017

OGRES MC 2017 September Meeting Report by the Vice President

Attending were G-Man, Bomber, Gundy, and Duke (who arrived a few minutes late).  Absent were Grim, Rip City, Krome and Smooth.

Bomber drove his “sweet” Desoto, and we mentioned how classy it was.  Gundy deserved an award for being the only OGRES member who rode his motorcycle to the meeting.  We sat down, and dutifully “roasted” all who were not in attendance, including our President.  However, he had the best excuse, stating he had to support his beautiful wife on a trip someplace.  The others not in attendance were “seared in hot oil and roasted very well done’.  In fact, Rip City was “crispy” when we finished.  Actually, Krome and Smooth were only slightly roasted. 

After a few minutes sitting in the clubhouse, we walked over to the Sockeye Restaurant and had a fine dinner.  Duke enjoyed his fried meat-loaf; Bomber enjoyed a fantastic roast beef sandwich with flavorful au jus for dipping; Gundy had a huge chicken salad bowl; and G-Man had salmon roasted on a shingle with memorable fried vegetables.  We all thought the food was fantastic.  The waitress was excellent, and allowed us to sit and visit all evening, filling our glasses with soda’s and water for quite a while after the dinner plates were removed. 

With such good company, we talked into the night, leaving late at about 9:30.  She earned a pretty nice tip and we all great-fully appreciated Bomber who picked up the  dinner tab for everyone.  Several members protested with “alligator arms” extended, but Bomber prevailed.  

We enjoyed talking about the excuses the other members not attending offered up, the summer rides taken, and the desire to take more fall rides.  It was a great evening enjoyed by all.  Duke seems to have won the award/badge again…for most miles ridden this summer.  Gundy is finishing up his Harley themed pickup.  Bomber has been busy working on his projects in his classy garage at home during the past month.  G-Man is…just busy working at his job, trying to make enough dough to buy a new bike AND remodel the kitchen at home. 

It was a great meeting!  


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