Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 2018 OGRES Motorcycle Club Meeting Report

Gundy, G (MotoCross) Man, Krome, Grim, Rip City and Bomber

All members in attendance met at the Clubhouse at the appointed time.  Present: Bomber, Rip City, Grim, Krome, G (MotoCross) Man and Gundy.  Absent:  Duke and Smooth.

Some time had to be taken to admire Gundy's new ride, cool red and chrome additions to Krome's ride and some changes to Grim's ride.  While we were gawking at the new stuff, the Smithsonian called G-Man and said they wanted the blue exhibit returned to the museum.

Rip City suggested we go to a premium burger joint over in Caldwell and also that he was going to lead the Club.  We all thought it was a great idea and took off....took off....okay, G-Man is finally ready to launch...took off westbound on Fairview.  We made it two lights before we almost guessed it...a gang wreck.  Unbeknownst to us, Rip City had put a new device on his Indian that made every traffic signal turn immediately yellow as we approached them.  Cool, huh?

At the second traffic signal, Krome thought that Rip City and Bomber were going to roll through the yellow light.  Well, he was half right.  Bomber went through the yellow light, as predicted, but Rip City stopped.  What happened next was some fantastic motorcycle handling by Krome as he locked up his rear brake, slid sideways ominously heading for Indian-land, released the brake which straightened up his bike and went harmlessly to the left of the Rip City Red Indian.  An impressive black cloud of rubber smoke lingered in the air smelling like death.  (Good line, eh?)

You never know when a gang wreck might rear it's ugly head.

The rest of the ride was uneventful as Rip City did an excellent job of leading the Club to the target restaurant.  Yes, he really did a great job.

Grim thinks it was the M & M Drive-in or something similar.  Or Grim is just hungry for a sweet treat.  We all ordered great big burgers except for the one member who likes to be different.  I won't name names but he ordered a chicken burger.  And tots.  And a cotton shake.

We all were "excited" to sit at the stainless steel table, shown above, until we sat down.  Grim's seat was very comfortable but G-Man was afraid his behind was going to swallow his stool so we moved over and took over the tables by the front window.  The food was great and the conversation was mostly geared to talking trash about Duke and Smooth and their ancestry.  We also did talk about motorcycles, women in spandex and how to choose a bicycle saddle.  

We said our goodbyes to Gundy and Rip City and headed back to Boise.  We all wanted to take the back road using Lincoln and Joplin and G-Man said he knew the best way.  Yeah, Grim allowed G-Man to lead again.  Yeah, I know.

Everything was smooth as we looped around and landed at the beginning of Marble Front Road.  We flew down Marble Front Road...and then we passed the left turn onto Mason...then we passed the left had turn onto Wells...and Grim figured G-Man knew another way to avoid the loose gravel ahead.  Grim was wrong.  As we topped the hill, we hit the gravel and all Grim could think about was his new fender and engine guard.  We managed to keep our bikes upright and made it to Middleton Road.  

This is where G-Man went right past Lincoln but was nice enough to point at the turn we should have taken as Bomber, G-Man and Krome went past it.  Grim made the turn, hyper aware, as he had already been "graveled".  We cruised the rest of the way in peaceful bliss with Grim back in the lead.

Krome peeled off for home whilst the remaining trio stopped by Bomber's new digs to check out the site for the OGRES barbecue in September.  Wow, are we in for a treat.  Bomber's new shop may also be in the running as the new OGRES Clubhouse.

Synopsis:  Rip City did a great job leading the Club and G (MotoCross) Man...well...!?!? was a great meeting and gang wrecks were avoided.  Grim's mouth hurts from grinning as he writes this.

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