Wednesday, July 11, 2018

OGRES Motorycycle Club July 2018 Meeting Report

The Vice President with his New Road Glide Ultra

OMC members gathered at the Clubhouse at the appointed time.  Present:  Duke, Grim, G-Man, Rip City, Gundy and Bomber.  Absent:  Smooth and Krome.

Right off the bat, G-Man shocked the members by unveiling his new motorcycle...a brand new Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra.  Everyone was thrilled for G-Man to be able to enjoy a new motorcycle as the Smithsonian has not relented in trying to procure his "blue" Road King for their display of vintage motorcycles.  (Condolences to Mrs. G-Man for the loss of marble countertops and such for her kitchen.)

After checking out the V.P.'s new ride, we all headed out for Rudys Pub to get some grub.  The ride was uneventful with no gang wrecks imminent or otherwise.  It was a very nice ride albeit short as the members were especially hungry.

Rip City, Duke, Gundy, G-Man on his phone, Bomber with Grim (photographer)

There was a great deal of debate about what to order after we arrived at Rudy's.  I thought about getting the stroganoff but was sure Rip City would order that.  My fish street tacos were delish and the dessert was scrumptious.  Thanks to Duke for treating us to a great meal.  

We had a great time and my ribs hurt from laughing about the topics including the men who work at sea.  The proper amount of time was spent badmouthing the members who were not in attendance.

Everyone was looking forward to the upcoming summer run.  If you don't have your reservations at the Best Western in Orofino, you will need to shop around as the place is completely booked.

That is all.

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