Saturday, November 10, 2018

OGRES MC November 2018 Meeting Report

The OGRES MC November meeting commenced at the appointed time and place.  Present: G-Man, Smooth, Gundy, Slick, Bomber, Duke and Grim.  Absent: Rip City and Krome.

A short meeting was held in the Clubhouse to begin the evening.  Discussed were OMC Run dates and routes.  It was decided the Spring and Fall Runs would be held on a Thursday/Friday format.  The Summer Run will stay the same as in the past.  The OMC Calendar will be out soon for 2019.

A discussion was also held on the huge recall that Harley-Davidson had announced about the clutch engagement issue.  G-Man had the recall printed out.  It probably only affects him but if you have a Milwaukee Eight motor, you might inquire.

Gundy was the winner of the door prize and won a nice knife.  

The attendees then walked over to Sockeye Grill for a nice meal.  Many thanks to Slick for picking up the tab.  It was Slick's first official meeting and we were glad to have him there.

Thoughts and prayers went out to Rip City for a quick and successful recovery from his surgery.

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