Wednesday, January 2, 2019

OGRES MC New Years Day Brunch - 2019

Bomber, G-Man, Smooth, Gundy, Slick, Grim, Guest, Rip City and Duke

OGRES MC members met at the appointed time and place for some brotherhood, jokes, stories and breakfast.  All were present except for Krome.

We had a great waitress and the food seemed pretty good except for Rip City's hash browns were not crispy enough.  

The real studs were Rip City and Duke.  Both were on their motorcycles instead of resorting to cages like the rest of us.  However, Duke was pretending to be undercover as his CUT was MIA.

A great time was had by all and none of us really wanted to leave.  Smooth and Duke had movie dates so we eventually made way for the lunch crowd.

See all y'all on Thursday.  Bring your dues and your gift for the exchange.

'Nuff said.....

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