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OGRES MC 2019 Summer Run Report by Rip City

The Three Day Ride That Just Kept Giving
By RIP City
OGRES to meet at the Sinclair/Stinker station in Eagle.  Safety meeting lead by Gundy (Ride Captain)
at 8:45am, right on schedule.  Attended by Gundy and his squeeze Joy & RIP City.  Not in attendance:
Grim, G-Man, Krome, Bomber, Slick, and Duke.  During safety meeting Captain Gundy kept looking at RIP City.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Gundy offered the ride prayer.  We knew we were in good hands.  
Goal was to eat in Stanley at Sawtooth Lucy’s.  No problem, Gundy pushed 5 over to get us there quick.  We rode 1,2,3
like fighter jets. Lunch was great at Lucy’s.  Kobe beef mmmmmmm.  Rip tried to pay for the meal but Joy, the bill thief, took away the chance with training she had received 1,000 times from Duke.  66 degrees and warming up.
Next stop was Challis at the S&W Junction for a remove layer break.  We all sat in the shade and realized we were in no hurry to remount our steeds.  Joy found a table, that was made for the club, that she wanted Gundy to make her.
After donuts and drinks we mounted up headed for Salmon.  At 3:30pm  we arrived at the Stagecoach without a hitch.  We checked in and Gundy & Joy washed their bikes, RIP City didn’t even wash himself.  5:30 Rip City was overseeing the swimming pool when G-Man & Bomber showed up. You see the brothers wanted to catch up to us later by going a faster, longer route cause they had stuff to do that was important.  Neither was very sharp when they showed up cause zero sleep since early morning.  

Bomber at Salmon

Sad Rip

Rip City, Joy, Gundy and Bomber

Dinner was planned at 6:30 PM sharp.  Joy let Rip City ride her new ride.  Sweeeeeeeet!
 Shady Nook where we always eat.   Gundy, Joy, Bomber, & Rip City went ahead and ordered meals cause G-Man was on the phone.  The meal was great and yes we had dessert while G-Man was still eating.  Breakfast was to be at the Stagecoach at 8:00am.  Brothers planned on missing breakfast to go see an Amish store before we all were going to eat.  Rip City kept teasing them that Amish cookies are made without sugar, and that hair buns would be cuter than helmets.  
The breakfast was served in a sauna and was not all that good.  Gundy had our safety meeting and emphasized stagger and 2 seconds between and how to pass as a group. Gundy asked Bomber to pray.  We knew we were in good hands again.  We all went to gas up and while there G-Man realized he had not checked out of the Stagecoach.  So of course he went back but before he went he said he would catch up.  We flew down the road towards Darby, Montana.  OGRES really have this part down good. Looking, touching, and mainly not buying cause the prices were sky high.  Sheriff badges, metal buttons, Indian stuff & gay Indian chaps  & candy.  Yes and $1,000 cowboy hats for Rip City.  Joy did buy some cool jewelry.  After refueling Gundy again talked about staying together and some did. 
On to Lolo pass, on the way Gundy swerved into a place to take picture, the club almost had a gang wreck. Gundy kept pressing 5 miles over and we arrived in a beautiful shady place to eat called Lochsa Lodge.

G-Man, Rip City, Gundy and Joy

G "I'll Catch Up with You Guys" Man


Rip City

Pure Joy

G-Man was obsessed to know if the chef he once knew was still the chef.  He asked the waitress but she had not a clue.  Still G-Man kept musing in wonderment, if maybe he was still the guy that would make his food.  OGRES really liked this place as a destination on some ride in the future.  Gundy did some research about prices etc.  Rip City wonders why the waitress was mad at him. Also some dudes from Salt Lake came and sat next to us and told us how beautiful Idaho was.  Then it wasn’t long till they asked the waitress, that was mad a Rip City, if they could move over to the other side of the room.  Rip City wonders why they moved.  We went Dutch again.

G-Man, Bomber, Gundy, Joy and Rip City

Bomber, Rip City, Gundy and Joy

On to Orofino, the mileage said 120 miles but after swerving left and right a thousand times, it just took forever.
Rip City Impaled

Then out of the blue, a rogue bunch of apaches came up from behind and evidently seeing Rip City’s CHEROKE shot arrows at Rip City, with lightning fast reflexes he dodged all the arrows with his super helmet.  But one super arrow found a future home in Rip’s neck.  The Apaches rode on and the OGRES pulled of the road to see the arrow still stuck in Rip’s neck.  Everybody wanted a photo with rips arrow sticking out of his neck.  Finally, after all the selfies were taken Rip pulled it out and mounted it inside his pack.
Well no big deal, we finally arrive in Orofino.  We all checked in and the lady said we couldn’t park where we always park. Bomber begged and she said OK but don’t park in from of the fire hydrant.  After a quick rest, Bomber calls Rip City to say there was a club meeting in the pool. The men were in the pool and Rip stayed in the Jacuzzi.  G-Man again seemed obsessed with the time Easy pulled off his swim trunks the last time we were here.  He asked if we were impressed.  I don’t get what he meant?  

G-Man, Joy, Rip City, Gundy and Bomber

Conversation led to going to visit the Konkoville Motel.  We decided to go at 7:45pm.  We mounted up and immediately got lost.  Gundy led us up to a high peak above the snowline where Rip City said something has happened to my fuel.
You see no body told RIP that when your bike is on a 45 degree angle it appears that you have no fuel. He was right cause on my way down I found my fuel.  Now back through town to Konkoville.  The motel was a great stop to see what it offered and on the way back, the brothers said they wanted to go down the road to see a bridge and that they would catch up. 
8:30 we arrived at the Rivers Edge place to eat.  We again ordered our meals and still no G-Man.  We ate and finally G-Man arrives.  He orders a Shrimp Melt and offers to buy dinner for all if everybody ordered a Shrimp melt.  Naaaaaaaaaa.
After dinner Bomber took 2 cups of after dinner mints and shared one with each of us while he polished off about 50.
We arrived back at the motel.  The brothers quickly went to the motel cookie jar and polished off the rest of cookies. I couldn’t believe my eyes, we had just had supper.  Good Night!!!
Breakfast was at 8:00am mountain time.   Rip was early so he set up a table outside where it was freezing.  Joy joins him,
then Bomber, then Gundy.  Bomber says, “its freezing Rip!” Why don’t you go to the front desk and see if they could start a fire right next to us.  Well RIP gets her done.  In 5 minutes Bomber’s orange juice cup melts by the fire.  Finally I go inside to look for G-Man.  Yup he is having breakfast with the Crash Riders.
Now for the Safety meeting. Gundy gives us the word and asks Rip City to pray.  After the prayer, brothers ride next door to the car show.  The word was they would catch up.  Gundy decided to take a quicker route.  Down the mountain past Kamiah to Highway 162.  One of the best roads in Idaho!!!  Then to Grangeville for a break.  Then to New Meadows to eat.  Joy took us on a dirt trail to a Subway but there were hundreds of people waiting to be served.  We found our old haunt to eat at the Granite Café.  Food was great.  The waitress took a group photo.

Gundy, Joy, Rip City, Bomber and G-Man

Then to Riggins. There we lost some layers and Bomber went and looked at a Super Bee.  We were now in a hurry to get Rip City to a birthday party.  Next stop was a Cougar Mountain Lodge.  As Rip City was crossing the street to the Lodge a cage almost backed over him.  

Joy, Bomber, Rip City and Gundy

Finally the goodbye hugs at the Chevron in Eagle.
A ride to remember!

This is Rip City's unadulterated, uncensored version of the Summer Run.

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