Tuesday, August 27, 2019

OGRES MC 2019 Fall Run Report

Per tradition, the OGRES MC Fall Run began with a hearty breakfast at the Garage Cafe.  Members present: Gundy, Grim, Rip City, Krome and Duke.  Guests Stephen and Joy were also present.  Bomber and G-Man had to make a late start due to some churchly activities and they missed the opening festivities.  Absent: Slick.

Stephen was Duke's driver to allow him to attend breakfast and take a break from his rehabilitation.  It was great to see Duke and we had a great breakfast meeting.

Post breakfast, the OMC pack headed out on the road. We passed through Parma, Nyssa, Arcadia and took the scenic route past Weiser and along 201.  We only had one stretch of construction where we had to follow a pilot vehicle for a couple miles. We made our usual stop at Farewell Bend before continuing on through Huntington.  The aroma of the marijuana fields filled our noses as we rode through the Huntington area.

The usual taste of riding the one stretch on the Interstate was more bitter than usual and the cages more omnipresent.  Finally we took the first Baker City exit and proceeded peacefully through the back roads.  We passed up the usual gas stop in Baker City opting to instead gas up in Haines.  The only problem is there is no gas services in Haines...or in North Powder.  We rolled into Union and stopped there as we knew the Sinclair was present in Union.

Joy, Dino, Gundy, Rip City and Krome

We gassed up and then went inside to get a snack.  The line was backed up out the door.  There was someone holding up the show at the front of the line and it was...you guessed it...Rip City.  The gas pump had completely outsmarted him and he had to figure things out with the clerk.  Figgers.

We climbed back aboard our steeds after discussing how we could ditch Bomber, G-Man and Stephen who were trying to catch up with us.  We decided that stopping in Cove at the Steak House, instead of in Elgin, would be the perfect way.  So we did stop in Cove for lunch and it was tremendous.  Steaks, sandwiches and the like along with Sidewinder potatoes.  Yummy.  

As luck would have it, the aforementioned straggling trio of Bomber, G-Man and Stephen had taken the freeway to Elgin, via LaGrande and were waiting in Elgin.  Curses...foiled again.  We departed Cove only to have Gundy and Joy turn back as she had left her PHONE at the restaurant in Cove.  Grim, Krome and Rip City proceeded to Elgin where we met up with the awaiting trio of Interstate Riders.  We didn't have to wait long for Gundy and Joy and we proceeded up the road after catching up on everyone's events for the day.

It was a smooth and peaceful ride into Enterprise and then on into Joseph where we checked in to our rooms.  Debbie was there to greet us as usual and we piled out gear into our rooms so we could hit the town.  

We hit our usual spots checking out all the cool stuff.  Chocolate haystacks and fresh coffee greeting Grim at the usual spot although they had moved two doors down in an attempt to thwart Grim's visit. We shed tears when we found that the owner of our favorite tin sign shop had retired and closed the store.  One less landmark for the future.  

Rip City made reservations for us at the Stubborn Mule for 6:30 pm....no, 5:30 local....no, 6:30 mountain time...no, you get the idea.   Sigh....

After tearing up the town, we retired to the Indian Lodge Motel for a brief rest before dinner.  We then headed over for dinner to find the dining room to ourselves.  OGRES and guests enjoyed a great meal with excellent service.  Joy and Rip City just weren't sure if there "taint" too much service sometimes.

We headed down to the competition restaurant to get some ice cream but the word had gotten there ahead of us concerning our impending arrival.  After the Krome/Rip City ice cream debacle of 2018, the owners had hurriedly closed up the ice cream shop and barricaded the doors.

We then sauntered over to the grocery store, bought a package of ice cream sandwiches and ate them while walking back to the Lodge.  Everyone must have been tired because the usual lie telling and bragging, before bed, went unfulfilled.  

Joy, Gundy, Stephen, Grim, Bomber, G-Man, Rip City and Krome at the Indian Lodge Motel

All arose in the morning to assemble for breakfast at the Cheyenne Cafe.  Grim strolled into the cafe, making a fashionable late appearance, and the entire Club got up to exit as though they were finished with the meal.  Yep, they got Grim going on that one.  Phew.

We then headed up the road and came upon construction as soon as we turned on the the "curvies".  We had to follow a pilot vehicle for about 7 miles and then it was smooth sailing.  As usual, it was a glorious ride through the curves and hills where not a deer nor cow were seen.  We came up to the lookout for our usual snack and bio break.

Joy, Rip City Krome, Stephen, Gundy, Bomber and G-Man

We walked out to the overlook and someone commented about how the view never gets old.  How true.  We also were able to watch a bald eagle riding the wind currents overhead.  It was a glorious sight. We stayed as long as we could but reckoned we should be pushing off.  We headed down the mountain and stopped at Scotty's to get a drink and shed off our extra clothing as the temperature became inversely related to our altitude.  It turns out it may be our last top at Scotty's as he is going to cater to rafters and fisherman and lose the convenience store items for sale.  Bummer.

We headed back down the road, down past the reservoir and dam.  We made good time getting to Cambridge as we met up with little or no traffic.  We made a quick stop at the Sinclair for gas, more to reconnoiter for lunch, than to refuel.  Gundy's Heritage softail became tired and decided to lie down for a rest.  We were able to get the steel steed back up and coaxed it into proceeding down the road.

Rip City had suggested a cafe in Midvale so we proceeded to the aforementioned site.  I think he wanted to eat there so he could gaze upon his visage on the billboard that towered over the cafe,  Turns out the food and service was fantastic along with the homemade pie.  Yummy.  This will definitely be our stop in the future.

The OGRES and guests then proceeded down the road through Weiser and Payette before headed towards Middleton on Highway 52.  Again the traffic was almost nonexistent and the ride peaceful and without incident.  We arrive in Middleton where we said our farewells and headed our separate ways.  

Gundy, Krome, Rip City, Grim, G-Man and Bomber

Grim actually was able to ride third with Bomber and G-Man into Boise.  It was good practice for Grim riding in formation as he doesn't get to do it very often.  Bomber and G-Man were fortunate to turn off into their neighborhoom as Grim ran into Fair traffic closer to Boise.  Cages galore.

A great time was had by all and G-Man will be very pleased I didn't refer to him as Scarecrow during the whole narrative...oh, wait a minute...

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