Wednesday, January 1, 2020

OGRES MC 2020 New Years Day Breakfast Report

G-Man, Slick, Grim, Bomber, Smooth, Rip City and Gundy

Brave and intrepid members of the OGRES Motorcycle Club met at the appointed place and time for the 6th Annual New Years Day breakfast. Members present: Gundy, G-Man, Rip City, Slick, Grim and Bomber. Emeritus member present: Smooth. Members absent: Duke and Krome.

Rip City and Grim were first on scene and procured the banquet table for the club. Gundy showed up on Old Grey and was the only member brave enough to ride his Harley-Davidson. The last member to show up guessed it...G-Man but he was only 7 minutes late...a new record.

There was one member who it took a bit to recognize but memory returned and it was Slick!?!? We had almost forgotten what he looked like. Welcome back!

We all ordered our meals and the real conversations got underway. Of course, the talk centered around motorcycles, women and we also caught up with each other on life's events that had transpired.

One discussion centered around the controversy of which member had missed the most OGRES activities and...shocker!...the two main contenders were not present at the breakfast!?!? So we talked trash about the two missing members as is OGRES MC tradition. 

While we were dining, a very impressive sleet storm passed by outdoors and we worried a little about Gundy and his machine out in the parking lot. Fortunately, Gundy's back was to the window and he did not have to witness much of the mayhem. 

We also discussed situational awareness and the importance of being alert to the world in many ways. 

We also talked about the wonderful freedom and escape the OMC brings us as a group.

Everyone was grateful for the fellowship and camaraderie the OMC brings us all along with the opportunity to get away from the world that the OMC provides.

Happy New Year to all OGRES and their loved ones!

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