Sunday, February 16, 2020

OMC Very Special Valentines Day Meeting with Spouses Report

Mrs. B's New Ride

The annual OMC Valentines Day Blowout began at the appointed hour and place. 

Members present: Duke, G-Man, Grim, Rip City, Gundy and Bomber.  Emeritus member present: Smooth.  Spouses present: Pam, Sherry, Jeannelle, Stephanie, Joy and Brenda. 

Special guest:  Stella

Members absent: Krome and Slick.  

Grim had such a great time that he only took one photograph. Grim feels bad about this omission as Bomber and Mrs. B. created such a beautiful and enjoyable dining experience for the attending OMC Members and Spouses. 

The table was done in a wonderful Valentines Day motif including balloons hanging from the ceiling, chocolate candy strewn on the table and a great dessert.  Caesar salad, barbecue ribs, baked potatoes, fruit and veggie trays and a lovely artichoke dip were laid out ready for OMC enjoyment.

I knew Mrs. B had great courage but it was confirmed when she allowed Rip City to drive her '57.  Wow.

It was a much nicer evening than we have had previously at a restaurant. It was a lot more open and fun for socializing, checking out gas pumps in dining rooms and generally being celebratory.

Many, many thanks for Mr's B. and Bomber for stepping up to the plate after Grim struck out when trying to find a restaurant for this event.  They definitely turned an ugly ducking into a beautiful swan.

Bomber's New Indian

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