Saturday, January 2, 2021

OMC Annual New Years Day Breakfast


The faithful members of the OGRES Motorcycle Club met at the appointed place and time. Even though the Prez was about 10 minutes early, he was preceded by Rip City, Bomber, Rowdy and G-Man. Yes, G-Man. Rowdy and G-Man had accompanied Bomber in his '57 Chevy BelAir. Slick, Gundy and Duke arrived shortly thereafter. Krome and Smooth never showed their faces.

Gundy was the only OMC member brave enough to ride his motorcycle. He wasn't even shivering as he peeled off his gear.

The attending members seemed to have a great time with conversations ranging from firearms to politics to pandemics. Many important topics were covered but will not be passed on here.

Next event is the OMC mandatory January meeting on January 7th at the Sugarberry Clubhouse. The formal announcement will me posted tomorrow.

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