Saturday, February 20, 2021

2021 OGRES MC Night with Spouses Report from Louies

OGRES MC members and spouses gathered at the appointed place and time in lovely Meridian, Idaho. 

Members present: Rip City, Gundy, Bomber, G-Man, Grim, Smooth and Rowdy. 

Members absent: Duke, Slick and Krome.

First of all, apologies for the super tiny room. We made a strategic error, in hindsight, by updating our party from 20 people to 14 people. It allowed Louies to stash us in the tiny room. Too close and too noisy. if Grim had not been distracted, he would have made them move us. Oh well.

Nonetheless, it was a nice time to be able to visit and eat some nice food. The service wasn't too bad but also wasn't real great. Bomber's pizza snafu just seemed to go downhill. Bomber had more leftovers for later.

It was fun hearing stories about peoples misadventures being almost arrested. Including a near scare with felony theatre bubble blowing. 

We will have a discussion at the March meeting about future venues for this activity. 

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