Monday, June 14, 2021

OGRES MC 2021 John Day Spring Run Report


Early Arrivals at the Start Gate

After 11 years of OGRES MC sanctioned Runs, and many wonderful Runs, the Club was bound to have a clinker. Well, this one truly is one best forgotten.

On the first day, the Band of OGRES came upon unmarked asphalt paving construction and Krome was the victim of a perfect storm. All the OGRES MC members wish Krome a speedy recovery from the four broken ribs and the broken scapula he incurred.

That evening, Gundy discovered the rear tire of Slick's bike was bald to the point of almost wearing through the base of the tire. A mechanic was found and Gundy and Slick went to Prairie City, the morning of the second day, where the fortunate vendor replaced the tire.

When they returned, the remaining eight riders commenced the second day. It was a pretty nice ride to Burns where we stopped for gas.

The remaining route was the most mind numbing, soul scuttling experience this rider has ever had. Outside of a freeway, this rider has never experienced roads as straight, boring and interminably hellish. One demented member was ebullient about the route but this rider thinks he just likes being contrary. Never again will this rider touch that route again.

Stand by for a new OMC Spring Run route next year.

That's all Grim as to offer.

Enjoy the photos provided by Rip City, the Club Historian, as his contribution is well done and the value immeasurable.

Safety Briefing in Middleton

Lovely and Famous Burnt River Market in Unity

Trying to Get Warm 

Wrapped Up for More

Crash City


Krome Loaded for Transport to Baker City

41 Feet of Scuff 

Impact Area 

No Signage or Warning Either Direction

Dooley Mountain Road

Taking Care of Business


Krome Waiting for the Doc

Lunch in Baker City



If Only He Was That Tough


Rip City

Ice Cream But No Black Berry Cobbler

Checking for Rain

Safety Briefing in John Day

Burns Gas Stop

Gas Stop in Rome After Ride Thru Interminable Hell

Trying to Shake Brain Numbness After Hellishly Straight Roads

Rip City's New Friend in Rome

Thinking About Shooting 

This Run sucked.

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