Saturday, January 15, 2022

January 2022 OGRES MC Meeting Report


The members of the OGRES Motorcycle Club met at the appointed place and time. Members present: Rowdy, Gundy, Smooth, Rip City, Slick, G-Man, Bomber, Krome and Grim. Member absent: Duke.

We first met in the Barn Clubhouse and chatted for a bit until all the members had arrived. Grim handed out the updated OMC Events calendar and we talked a bit about reservations and plans for the upcoming riding season.

There was a general discussion about ride readiness and rehabilitation plans so everyone is ready for the Spring Ride. Fingers crossed.

A vote was taken and it was decided that the gift exchange would precede our evening meal.

Numbers were drawn and Rowdy went first for the second straight year. Not much "stealing" took place as all the members had brought some very cool and special gifts. All in all, it was a very nice time and it appeared all the members had a great time. It was also a great way to keep Rip City awake and alert.

After checking out everyone's gifts and figuring how to operate Rip City's gift, we adjourned to the official dining spot of the OGRES Motorcycle Club.

It is always fun to see what everyone orders and our server was very gracious and patient. Rip City's tater tots were actually pretty crispy. There was great conversation, companionship and laughter. What a great time.

We decided it was time to leave when the restaurant was empty except for us and they were starting to mop the floors. 

We headed back over to the barn. Rowdy must have had a hot date as he bee-lined for his car and roared out of the parking lot. Slick and Rip City were not far behind. The rest of us checked our deodorant and such to make sure we hadn't caused the rapid exits.

Special thanks to our esteemed Road Captain, G-Man for hosting the event. Also special thanks to V.P. Rip City for all the great photos.

The next event will be February 18th for our annual Valentine's Day bash with the spouses. G-Man pulled off a fabulous coup in procuring the Railroad Car at Sockeye for the gala. 

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