Monday, February 21, 2022

2022 Valentines Day Dinner at the Railroad Car

It was a great night for the OGRES members and their brides at the Sockeye Grill Railroad Car. Everyone was present except for Krome, Slick and RipCity. 

The car was set up nicely for us and it was extremely pleasant having a nice quiet dinner with the OGRES finest along with the guys. It was almost eerie as we were able to hear all conversations without straining our ears or brains.

Our server was super attentive, efficient and timely. Our food arrived in a very timely manner and no words of complaint were heard about the quality. 

The conversation ranged all over but were all interesting and relevant except for G-Man's choice of photographs.

A very nice time was had by all. We forgot to talk trash about the missing members....oh wait...I guess we did talk some.

The next meeting is March 3rd.

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